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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


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Ciaran Laval

Created Reality may be an umbrella name with Sansar being a subset, sort of like Automattic is to Wordpress.


It's not possible they would use such a generic name that's riding a trend term.the name is still likely being highly researched
why does it have to be trademarked yet? 'if they have not chosen a name that's the reason it was given a project name to begin with!

Created Reality sounds generic as hell

Creative Inception or Parallels or Memphis not bad names.Sansar is not a bad name to just stay with or go crazy and just call the new product 'Life' that in itself would be a cutting edge move in so many ways.


Created Reality sounds like a knock off'in terms of High Fidelity! both sound like knock offs.. but at least Philips is more based on what they are doing and the quality.

Created Reality
High Fidelity
Alternate Reality
Virtual Reality
Fragmented Reality
Masturbation Reality

Jumpman Lane

I was thinking Created Reality. "A Shined Up Turd" just doesn't have the ring Second Life "Your world, your imagination!" Had hehehe


Hehe i think these guys are stuck with Second life. Maybe tjey should improve on that insteed.

Inara Pey

As my blog is mentioned in this article, I'd like to offer a couple of corrections related to statements made by Mr. Au.

The first is that far from "avidly speculating" the name Created Reality "could very well be" the name form the Lab's next generation platform, I actually make no such claim at all.

Rather, I indicate it may be one of the names under consideration by the Lab alongside of "Sansar" - and whether this might mean there are other possible contenders out there.

Secondly, far from having "missed the fact that a Linden contractor registered the CreatedReality.com domain in June 2013", again as Mr. Au states, I fact open my article by pointing directly to that exact domain registration, thus:

"Ciaran Laval and I have been using Twitter to further ponder a domain registration in the name of “createdreality.com”. It was originally taken out in June 2013, which under the usual two-year registration policy means it possibly expired around June 3rd, 2015. However, on July 9th, 2015, it was renewed through Ascio Technologies, the company used to register the projectsansar.com domain."

Within the article, I further note that the re-registration may be little more than an admin update on the part of the Lab, assuming it lapsed in June 2015, allowing for the usual 2-year registration period associated with domain names.

I'm unclear as to why Mr. Au failed to actually comprehend either of these points when referring to my article. I can only assume that in his haste to again dismiss me merely as a "Linden Lab fan", he didn't actually read what I had to say.


@Inara Pey

I posted the info around several blogs including yours 3 days ago. You took the information without publishing my comment, then giving it a twist how you and Ciaran were pondering over a domain name that got registered.

Please do not act like you came up with this. Your journalism is always skewed and you censor every comment you receive. At least Hamlet and several others are more open and more objective on how they report.


Mrs. Pey is arrogant and narcissistic. She thinks her personal opinion is universally valid. And she often presents content from other sources as her own knowledge. Embarrassing...

Inara Pey


With respect, if you posted a comment to me, I didn't see it. nor can I find any sign of a comment which either ended up in moderation or in spam.

I'm sorry you feel slighted, however, I would point out where feedback, tips, pointers, etc., are given where due, and links cited.

To return to the topic at hand, however, my comment here was not about "who published first" or claim precedence or anything else. Rather, it was to correct two inaccuracies presented by Mr. Au.

Amanda Dallin

Created Reality could be an umbrella to cover Sansar and Second Life and any other VR project the Lab undertakes.

Ciaran Laval

@Tipster, someone posted information about Created Reality on my blog. Unfortunately as it contained links it went to my moderation queue, sometimes such posts end up in my spam queue and unfortunately that may mean they get deleted as there can be a lot of posts in the spam queue.

Once I'd approve the post I thanked the person who had submitted the comment and said I would look into the matter further. That took me to two places, one was SLUniverse where I found a thread with a post from June that mentioned Created Reality.

The other place I went to was in fact a person, in this case Inara Pey. Inara contacted LL and asked me if I wanted to do a blog post at the same time on the subject. Unfortunately I had prior commitments and was not in a position to blog about the subject. I also did not inform Inara that I had received the information via a comment.

If I had blogged, I would have referenced the comment, but as Inara was not aware of the existence of the comment, she did not reference the comment. That's my fault for not informing Inara.


I think we all need to come together and remember that the information is much more important than the messenger.

Let's just be grateful that we now know that Created Reality may or may not be the name of something that Linden Lab is or isn't doing.

Jumpman Lane

I unno, I'm jus' a lil' Lane but the provenance of that lil tidbit from tipster DOES merit such a discussion as Ms. Pey did go through the effort of correcting Hamlet for not mentioning her as the messenger who got the message from a messenger who got the message from a messenger. I unno it all sounds specious to me. I've always maintained the vicious rumors have more bite when embedded with footnotes, links, and names named lol


Umbrella is Linden Research Inc.they own

Linden Lab
Second Life
Patterns(development on hold)
+A ton of IP Rights

They invested in there Frenemy..High Fidelity by Philip Rosedale

+ They need to really start working on SL2.0 because sansar will not appeal to its residents
due to the fact they still do not understand why no mainland or world map will be a showstopper for many.

Going on 15 years they will not even send a bot out to upgrade the textures on the grounds in the mainlands and that in itself shows a massive disconnect between those who live in the world to those who work in the control room.

Carlos Loff

Maybe it is a kind of builder tool for VR, like a type of Unity 3D for Sansar and others

Cube Republic

Why does there need to be a 'mainland'? If someone wishes to have a massive land mass with lots of people living there then they will be able to create one?



Residents need safe heavens like we do on the mainlands that's linden owned.the social scene around the mainlands is still alive and well thanks to not being under a land dictators control.
Tell us cube were? Second Life already has so many places that judge you by looks,lifestyle or even a silly group tag and they have no problem banning you just because they hold the power..like open sim is ruled by dictators & several already own worlds in high fidelity.

On the mainland roads & parks your free!!. it belongs to everyone and no one can stop you from seeing old friends in jessie or dropping in at violet or maybe have a day of sailing on the blake seas.
A mainland in the new world does not have to mean homes but a big enough place to get lost in 'thats owned by Governor Sansar

half-asleep -_-

Cube Republic

You have a point. I like what you say about neutral spaces.

Perhaps we're getting this wrong though? Yes it's been pointed out that there will be no mainland. However does this mean there will be no company owned social spaces for folk to congregate?

Jumpman Lane

You mean EVERY "space" in Sansar will be controlled by land Manager flunkies and their penny-paid security bots, (virtual) world-weary from sucking up to some tech-nerd, edu-tard, or business-noob will man the ban hammers in Sansar? How long before ALL us Second Life wierdies get banned from Sansar. (Tho I used "us" instead of y'all in order to be polite hehehe). Sansar just isn't being targeted toward the resident of SL no matter WHAT they decide to call it. It won't be Second Life 2.0


@ Cube

Your right that's really what was being pressed neutral spaces and they might already have that in place."hopefully'

zz bottom

Right on target Jumpman.
Linden Lab needs us, 2nd live residents to keep the flowing of money to fuel their weird dreams but does not wish really to have us in those.
Starting by the choice of the 1st beta, maya users, when the most used mesh tool on sl is blender. a free one.
Also cause they did not get the purpose of mainland, quoting Ebbe, who cant understand the need of a map, denying all the importance of mainland and its users, that Littlewing so well explained.
They need their fans to voice the new dream but the last they wnat is them to be there.


Littlewing is right

where is a new resident to log into for the first time

one day maybe there will be numerous community gateways for this

until then we have to start/login somewhere

sirhc deSantis

Good grief, nodding along with ser Jumpman, will wonders never cease..

Of course, it all presupposes that the Lab doesn't want to cut the ties to SL and instead produce this one platform to 'rule them all' as it were.

But if they could automagically recreate say Sansara (!) or even better Heterocera lock, stock and however barrels smoking or otherwise as required to their new platform - now that would be a showcase.

( after all they are own all our bases *ducks* )


Should rename it CommieVR or BanEveryoneVR.
They're so draconian they have pretty much banned, cancelled or pissed off anyone that matters and who were helping to build Sansar.

Finally the end is near, and the fruits of their incompetence has resulted in all of them losing their jobs, and only a skeleton crew of lowpaid employees and deluded community 'volunteers' are there to kiss their behinds still.

All activity is in their Discord server, which has replaced any chat or reason to socialize in Sansar anyway. From their Discord they can monitor what everyone says or does, even into private chats under the guise of 'protecting their members' and now no one even speaks in there either.

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