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Friday, September 18, 2015


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Pussycat Catnap

cock-ups? =^O.o^=

Er um so anyway... archived?

I've left an account unlogged in to for over a year and then been able to log into it. What is 'archiving' of an account?

There are spots on mainland owned by accounts that last logged in anywhere from 2004 to 2005 - and there are still builds there. But of course those are the rare people with lifetime memberships. Their neighbors usually tend to wish those accounts could get archived... because the land usually has open permissions and is often full of things like opened boxes to old outdated script heavy sex-beds / HUDs, or worse...

Where is this archiving feature when you actually want it... :)


I've never heard of the Lab "archiving" or otherwise deactivating old avatars, either.

One of the NoR admins told me they personally suspect the owner took the account and the money in it and ran, and the archiving is just a cover story.

I don't know if there's any validity to that, but something sounds fishy about the official story. I think word would have gotten out long ago if the Lab were deactivating old accounts.

Jumpman Lane

I logged in 2 (of my 5) remaining alts that Linden Lab lets me keep and I hadn't logged the sap in since sometime late 2007. Well IT wasn't archived, so; I unno, maybe them turds just LIED and kept the monies.


I can't imagine LL would let unpaid regions stay online longer than they would allow the owners account to stay inactive.

I've lived in several communities where there's been sim closing surprises and vanishing owners.

The sims never came back,the owners never came back, and my money never came back.

I doubt there is any witchcraft here and I really doubt that LL made any kind of mistake. As much as I rag on LL, they are very reliable and professional in handling sim ownership. The owner has to really drop the ball or have that ball denied by a credit card company before that sim just goes away.


Today I posted the rest of the story. I also get into whether the Lab archives unused accounts. Within the limits of the English language's ambiguity factor, one could say they do... but in plain English that is misleading.

Paid accounts that are not converted to free accounts and miss a membership payment get locked... one could stretch that and say archived. But, that covers up the fact it is a past due account. And that was NoR's problem.



If they're only talking about delinquency status, anyone with that avatar's password could have logged in to the Dashboard and cleared the balance due.



if the email address of a SL account is no longer found when the SL marketing bot sends out stuff then the email account is marked as not found/non-verifiable/inactive or something like that

I end up do that one time on a SL account I made for checking out the new Welcome Island at the time

I made a gmail which I used to make a SL account with. Then I never login to the gmail again. After some time, Gmail shut the email down bc I never used it. I never login to the SL account either after check out the WI

and then after that some time later about 6 months, I try login to the SL account but I cant. Just said to contact LL


it might of been the same with the absent owner/manager. The email address of the account is not found anymore. Which maybe automagically triggered the process that does this

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