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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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Pete Linden

This AIA event is sold-out, and attendees will be signing NDAs.

Wagner James Au

Thanks Pete, updating. By AIA you mean American Institute of Architects?

Seymore Steamweaver

Wow. That's great.

Hype Hype

This is the hype creation machine at work. Make it all seem secret while average Bob can just walk in to watch, but still needs to sign an NDA, once average Bob walks to the pub and has a few drinks he will get all woozy about the NDA and go bla bla bla

Once the hype machine is at full speed Linden Lab will then offer a pre order trying to rake in thousands if not millions of Dollars. That is how game companies do it, offering limited alpha or beta access and then combining it with a hype pre sale to make cash.

I like this sentence: "This new product will enable people to virtually walk through 3D"

Hmmm like we have been doing the previous decade.

Dartagan Shepherd

Heheh, signed an NDA for VR tech that any coder that can wrangle an API can put together. The barrier to entry for VR is lower than it's ever been, as well as more hyped than substance.

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