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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


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Unbelievable!'sad if one thinks about Patterns'the game linden lab killed.' it was not only better then minecraft.' but only needed just better marketing to have taken that whole market and the hundreds of millions with it.
Linden Lab marketed Patterns as 'minecraft on acid'
what a cheap knockoff slogan.' had they had the right team things might be totally different with even a had a possible Microsoft buyout of Patterns.
Patterns was one game the last CEO had right.
hey could even had done a Patterens/Blocksworld mashup crossover.' but too late now.

Graham Mills

I only watched a few brief segments but it seemed to me that they were encountering issues not dissimilar to SL/OpenSim back in the day. Projects were based on special funding, there were issues with getting Minecraft into the mainstream as far as administrators and teachers were concerned and students were using Minecraft in clubs rather than integrated into classes. That may not be representative and, of course, it is early days.

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