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Thursday, September 24, 2015


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Amanda Dallin

Interesting but I don't see it becoming mainstream with the bulky hardware and googles. It'll be a niche. Probably a large niche but still niche.

Cube Republic

bye bye maya lol What's the different between 'VR content' and '3D content'?

Adeon Writer

Well, they refered to it as their "MS Paint" not their "Photoshop", so...


Who thinks every facebook user will receive their own little virtual world directly linked to their facebook page to experiment in with the oculus and invite their facebook friends over in the next year?

I do I do

Arcadia Codesmith

If a virtual world is not shooting to make obsolete Maya, the entire Adobe Suite, and every other digital creative tool, it's aiming too low.

The goal should be an entirely in-world suite that destroys the graphic software industry, or at least forces it into a realistic and sustainable pricing model.

Set your sights too low and the rocket never makes it to the moon.


This looks very cool:)
But we are talking about some type of objects you can manage because you can hold them in your hands.
Once I had my oculus rift on and I saw a detail to fix 600 meters away from me, I clicked and zoomed in, in less than a second I was 600 meters away (forget roller coasters) I would have moved slowly if I knew but this method would be slow, teleporting isn't exactly agreable either, maybe fades to black could be tested to smooth them out.


now if they make it easier to model and implement the tons of options needeed to create perfect models from start to finish, could be good, but on the immersive side, creating large scale models, I would just simulate myself being seated at my desk, but in VR. And honestly, this would also depends a helluva lot on how tired my eyes get in VR VS screens too, you think because you can use your hands to create art will make it less time consuming to create, absolutely not, so that could be an issue too. Other than this, I love this tool of course.


Everything must start somewhere and this might make Project Sansar superfluous. LL shouldn't worry because there's gonna be more than enough superfluous passed around involving everything with Oculus .

Flashback to Google Glass and how everyone in videos and at conferences nearly had to wear diapers because they couldn't contain their excitement at this revolutionary product developed by a big company who could never be wrong in thinking they could actually market autism in a box to a hungry public who couldn't wait to lap it up.

But, I guess, these products are two different birds and the nature of how humans relate to their lives and environment have changed so much in the last year or so.

This is really gonna be huge.

Cube Republic

"If a virtual world is not shooting to make obsolete Maya, the entire Adobe Suite, and every other digital creative tool, it's aiming too low."

Why would anyone wish to sit in a VR headset all day? Can you even begin to imagine how bad that would be for your mind? What would be the advantages of creating 2D media in a VW?

Metacam Oh

This looks amazing, I got to get an Occulus


I'm wondering if facebook has a complete virtual world ready to put public in the next months. Why would Zuckerburg say "and this is ours for the virtual world"?

Is he talking about a global virtual world or the facebook virtual world? It would be arrogant of Zuckerburg referring to the entire virtual world online with his app, that would not match his humble personality.

Sounds like Facebook has some sort of group VR thing ready to let people build together and perhaps do more.


It is curious to see that Facebook is getting so deeply involved into this. They really cover and try to cover every VR aspect. 360 degree videos, creative tools, movies, Xbox integration, Minecraft and the list goes one and on.

I didn't expect facebook to be so thoroughly about this, they are a social network site. Why go so deep into gaming and VR, a social network site that builds the tools Linden Lab should have made, strange to see this.

Jessica Pixel

I highly doubt being able to sculpt in 3D is going to destroy Maya and software like it. Those programs are a lot more precise and can do stuff like rig meshes to bones, export files for lots of different platforms... things you need a keyboard and mouse for.

It DOES make me hopeful because as a person who has never used Blender and can barely make prims behave how I want in SL, I may actually be able to make simple things in future virtual worlds with a program like this.

I can see professionals using it for fun and prototyping, but at the end of the day, they'll still be sitting down at their desks with Maya, PhotoShop, and tablet pens.

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