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Thursday, September 03, 2015


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Thankyou for your pointless statistics aimed at furthering the gender division. The air truly to breathe at NWN is pure post-modern gibberish.

'Women report being harassed and stalked far more than men do in Second Life: 60% versus 44%."

I find this very similar to the stats that say that women are much more fearful for their physical safety despite men being far more likely to face actual harm almost universally. Oh and BTW a differnce of 16% percent is hardly 'far more' but then what would one expect from click bait bloggerism.

I expect the following conclusions to be even more irritating.

Amanda Dallin

While I don't agree with Dave, a couple of your charts seem deceptive.

The "Women take fewer privacy measures than men" chart starts at 10% (over 1/3 of the % of men and almost 1/2 of the % of women) making the difference of 4.24% look to be larger.

The "Women report being harassed and stalked more than men do" chart starts at 17% only 1.33% less than the men's % and 5.34% less than the women's. This makes the 5.01% difference look huge.

What is the margin of error? With less than 800 respondents and 3/4 of them being women the comparison between genders is not very exact at all. For comparisons to be valid you'd need to weight your results and take the margin of error into account.


These figures could have been very interesting without the determination of the researcher to find differences between men and women. A large part of the results do not differ significantly for the sexes at all.

sirhc deSantis

I think I will take the statement 'Over twice as many women report having their Second Life accounts compromised (or hacked) (12%) as men do (5%)' as indicative of the validity of the rest.

Either that or SL is populated by total numpties with all the basic self preservation ability of stunned ducklings.

Jumpman Lane

Well the stats from the poll seem to jive with the general sense of what has happened to people I've known in Second Life over the year-I.e. The sorts of info gals generally share and inquire about vs. the info guys give or ask a out. Also, the tales of stalking I've been told about. I wouldn't say the interpretation of the polling is nonsensical if the purpose is to get the readership to take more privacy precautions.

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