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Friday, September 18, 2015


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Pussycat Catnap

Yeah I think the internet increased incivility... online gaming ramped that up a notch further to even more uncivil conduct, and virtual worlds take the cake on this score because not only can you be amazingly uncivil, you can make creations through which to harass and intimidate others - and largely be unchecked and unchallenged over this.

And if Facebook has proven anything - it has proven that forcing real life identities to be associated with this has all of zero impact, plus or minus, on changing civility.


@ Pussycat
Fully agree with that assessment!

having just logged out of grid after getting over 15 messages from people i do not know 'who are being fed by a troll..had to mute several because they would not give me a chance to explain what my position was and that it was all untrue. 'people pull drama right out of there asses.
I am at a point in life were i can just turn SL off while reading a good book in my lazy chair and not feel like anything was missed by me.

Amanda Dallin

What does profit motive have to do with civility? That's a ridiculous thing to say. The only possible connection is that it attracted more people and more people means the jerks are more anonymous. I don't know of anyone making a profit from spamming penises. If anything it's some anti-profit people who are "uncivil" toward the capitalist (the infamous Anshe interview) but even that isn't exactly correct. People who are jerks and idiots are going to be jerks and idiots if they can get away with it.


@ Amanda Dallin

There are always the youtubers who film their trolling.

Pussycat Catnap

@Amanda Dallin: I think the idea was that with real money attached, people get more uncivil because there is more to lose when you lose.

It is a proven fact that the more wealthy a person is, the less ethical they become. Like it or not that is what studies now prove.

But I don't think that maps out to civility so easily in this case.

Jumpman Lane

I wouldn't say Philip Rosedale had any illusions about "civility" in Second Life. It was under his watch that the Governance Team emerged and smacked griefers the head with their Mighty Linden Banhammers. Further, Philip had NO illusions about "violating" griefers rights when their in-world Denial of Service attacks threatened his company's bottom line. NO one has civil rights on another man's dime.

All those hippy-dippy sentiments SOUND good (to certain socialist types) but are soon forgotten when talking about monies. Ol' Dirt Face Phil had NO problem monetizing that Burning Man spirit and cashing in on the resulting fame.

Lest you get the wrong idea: Jumpy has always stood by The Lab and has a particular warm and fuzzy feeling deep in my heart for Philip Linden.

Arcadia Codesmith

Burning Man got less civil as the technocrats influxed and some animals became more equal than others.

It's not a one-to-one correlation: some rich people are extraordinarily nice (they can afford to be, after all).

On the other hand, the asshole ratio increases noticeably as you move up the income scale. Selfishness is more profitable than altruism. And while selfishness can learn manners in its own selfish interest, the more wealth it acquires, the less it needs to care.


people are civil in the RL bc we thump them when they arent. And we thump them bc we can actually do it. Thump them

we cant actual thump anyone on the internets. the owners can banhammer them, but is not the same thing if they dont care about getting banned

they care about getting thumped tho. So is why they dont do it in the RL. Like be uncivil


4 Teh Lulz

Jumpman Lane

I'M not that civil in real life CAWS JUMPY CAN FIGHT. I unno nothing bout thumping but folks better know how to thump FOR REAL lest they get scuffed up.
My daddy used to say " You can do what you want to do...long as you can fight. Then just play cool 'til the cops come." Hehehehe

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