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Monday, September 21, 2015


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Flashing Merlin

I spend about the same amount of time in SL, but I'm not building, and not buying.

Since we don't know whether everyone will move to Sansar and abandon SL, any further investment of time spent building in SL, or investment in SL inventory which may not export over to Sansar, seems foolish.

Tamar Luminos

Sansar hasn't affected me one way or the other. The more news I see on it, the more I think there's going to be a lot of people who stay with SL, myself included. I'm not interested in a VR Occulus Rift experience, and I'm not keen on the fact that Sansar, thus far, seems skewed towards "experiences" and higher end designers who use Maya, etc. and I like the fact that SL is totally open-ended and allows any newb to push prims around and build and sell something. But so far, most of what I've seen about Sansar has been speculation, so we'll see what happens when it comes out. Till then, my SL habits aren't affected by Sansar.

Carlos Loff

One thing there is no doubt - Stuff won't export at all. Period.

It will be a longa time, even after Sansar is on and running, until we figure out how much it is affecting SL, so I would go along in business as usual for at least the next 10 month

metacam oh

I stopped spending money and time on SL before Project Sansar was announced, and that has not changed. Im open to giving Sansar a chance and seeing what it's about, but very skeptical that the Lab really has a clue what people actually want.

Carlos Loff

Metacam Oh, do not forget another great project, coming soon - Sinewave.Space - They are doing everything SL ended to be done long time ago, google it and check it out, they will use Unity 3D

Cube Republic

How can the lab have no clue what anybody wants? SL has been open for 13 years now. They must be doing something correctly?

Dirk Grantly

Well, since Sansar isn't available to us everyday schmoes, it's really premature to say how it will affect my SL usage, don't you think? Not really going to make changes until I have a chance to drive the new vehicle.

Adeon Writer

The occational Sansar news on the net has momentarily renewed my interest in virtual worlds, so I've been spending more time in-world than I was in the past few months, and also due to that, I've started spending money in it again, though at the same rate as I always have when actively logging in.


I'm of the same mind as Tamar Luminos. I'm just a SL resident with no particular skills, even though I've been with it for nearly 9 years. Can't script. Can't mesh. SL's my social sandbox, where I hang with friends and do simple prim building and modding. If Sansar requires more than that from me, I doubt I'll make the grade. And what about my beloved 9-year old Inventory, all my things? How are they going to reimburse me for that, if I can't bring my stuff over? I don't know about others, but I definitely have Sansar Anxiety.

metacam oh

I don't know Cube, ask the shrinking user base. Im not the only one who will not pay 295 a month for an arbitrarily sized square plot of land that I don't really own


i'm offline since the closure of the third-party exhchanges. it was my only option to buy L$. after 8 years of secondlife i'm not satisfied without home, without shopping and no tips for some artists. so i decided to finish it. sansar will no longer interest me, i put my money now in another hobby. *shrug*

Connie Arida

How much of your previous inventory do you rez or use? I am willing to bet perhaps less than 1%.
Those that moan about "losing" their precious old stuff should perhaps sell off that old Commodore 64 they have in the attic.

Tim King

I play and spend less now. I stopped renting land; and with no land to call home, there's way less items I need. In fact, land is what I want the most. I really loved developing land. It's just too expensive to buy or rent in SL. Besides, I want to actually own my land. In SL, big monthly tier payments means nobody really "owns" any land anyway. it's all just a big rental scheme with too many middlemen.

Lemon Panda

I use about 40% of my current inventory because I'm an interior decorator and landscaper on sl. Will I move to Sansar? No. After having invested literally thousands of dollars US on the current platform, I will not be making the same mistake twice. AND I will say one more thing, I personally am sick and tired of LL's income on SL being spent on projects that won't benifit SL in any way.


Do not forget that Sansar might not be tier land but it will be tax land instead.

5% tax on everything you buy or pay.

Get paid a tip as a DJ or a stripper 5% tax
Give some money to a friend 5% tax
Buy food for your breedables 5% tax
Hold a charity event 5% of your charity goes into Linden Lab their pockets
Sell a breedable in world at an auction 5% tax on your sale.

When you visit an illegal casino excuse me a gaming place the odds will be even more against you because Linden Lab will take 5% tax on every bet you place.

Linden wants their money from you so if you do not pay it in land fees you will pay it in all kinds of other fees. They will tax tax tax you and make your SL experience just 5% more expensive hoping you won't notice.

They should call it project taxland

Just an example. You are a breeder in world with Amaretto horses and pay the biggest amount of your tier with income you make from selling your breedables at auction.

Instead of paying tier for your land you have cheaper land in Sansar but when you now go to the auction in Sansar you are losing a lot of money on tax fees that go to Linden Lab

So while you might have cheaper land to breed you still end up paying the same as before because you get taxed on the purchase of your animals, the food, the sale price at the auction and you will still have a cost for your land because land will be cheaper but not free.

So you the user might be paying the same or more because of the new fees Linden Lab will now have.

Makes sense doesn't it, you think Linden Lab will build a new virtual world which costs them millions of dollars to produce so they would make less on you?

Linden Lab wants their money they just try to use another method so you would think it is cheaper.

The intention of Linden Lab is to grab little bits of money from you at the time expecting you are too stupid to notice.

@Lemon Panda also makes a good point above about being sick and tired how Linden Lab is blowing all the tier fees generated from Second Life on other projects. However since Linden Lab is a private company you cannot do a thing about this.

I do expect that several dozen of new services will spring up in 2016 and Linden Lab will be one of them. Since Linden Lab is trying so hard to make people leave or trying to force them to Sansar people will also look at other platforms when they need to make a choice for a new virtual world.

3 months before beta tick tack, tick tack.

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