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Thursday, October 29, 2015


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Kitty Revolver

HiFi is way more difficult than sl, the time I used it. I couldn't walk on solid ground and had to adjust the camera so I could walk up steps. I just didn't find it user-friendly at all. I realize he wants to use peripherals, but that is not going to happen if he wants mass market. I haven't found a simple reason why people should use VR and it is very annoying to hear pie-in-the-sky arguments why people will use it. The AR people have been better at this, but Philip needs a reality check.


No one, no one is going to buy that Second Life came anywhere close to maxing out the usability potential of keyboard and mouse and that's why Second Life is so difficult for new users.

Philip's going to have to find an angle for attaching a thousand dollars of peripherals to yourself other than fabricating frustrations with keyboard and mouse.

Does mouselook even work in High Fidelity yet? It didn't the last time I tried it. Of course keyboard and mouse experiences will be subpar when you don't build for it.

Dartagan Shepherd

Yep, 2 people can almost kinda sorta pick up blocks together. You can see how groundbreaking the technology is going to be. Now to find out if you can actually surf on a hype wave.

Sassy Monrue

Some really do it.just the wrong people.
video below makes HF look like the stone age.

HF as done nothing but marginalize the needs of the Deaf & Disabled communities as well.

Second Life is much better off without him.


Yes, Sassy, but once we all evolve into Rosedale's vision of The Singularity we won't need ears, eyes, or limbs.


@Sassy, The form cut my bracketed aside: Snickers from a 20th Century "Orphan of Apollo," still waiting for his flying car and clam roll at the orbiting Howard Johnson's, follow.

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