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Monday, October 19, 2015


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reuben steiger

Thanks Hamlet - it's so weird to reflect on those times but I'm also loving it - one of the consolations of aging is that we've got (hopefully) a little wisdom and perspective. At very least the stories are good. Hope all's well with you my friend.


I rezzed when the telehubs were still around but the gatherings of avatars had moved to the trollish WAs.

This post makes me nostalgic for what I missed in SL. It was an invented world full of occasional magic (Svarga, Chebi Mosque, Bogon Flux, and Calleta Hobo camp spring to mind).

Now one can just TP from one experience to another, and not be forced to interact much with the broader virtual public, even in stores if one chooses Marketplace for shopping.

As much as I've attacked Philip Rosedale's desires to have us emigrate to a virtual world at the expense of the real, I did like that utopian vision of a place you could dip into to visit. Despite all the fancier-looking avatars and content made with programs that I don't care to learn, it's not the same.

I don't feel that magic in SL these days.

Carlos Loff

I think that even if the Telehubs were still around people would start using more and more the Search engine and LMs, so it was an inevitavle evolution that would occur anyhow


Reuben Steiger's Medium post was an enjoyable read.

I agree with Iggy's feelings about Rosedale. I think that Philip was important to SL and that a lot was lost when to both when he left.

Concerned Resident

Linden Lab calls the customers whackadoodles.

Rosedale is also a bit of a whackadoodle himself so that went well.

When Rosedale made mistakes he made up by grandfathering stuff. Second Life used to be fun then and it did grow fast because Residents could be actual residents in the world. Now residents can play dress-up.

There used to be a vibrant eco-system but Linden just destroyed all that. They bought out Xstreetsl, put newbies in Linden home ghettos, killed the third party currency providers, gave secret tier discounts to certain people.

I did visit the mainland this week, I found several places where I could not see a single home or building anywhere as far as I could look. I even found places where governor Linden already removed roads from the sims so that tells a lot.

The funny thing is that Second Life could be doing really really well if Linden Lab would allow.

In opensim people can host a sim with 15000 prims for 10$ a month. What if every single premium in Second Life would receive a homestead sim. Things like that would have made a massive impact on Second Life because everybody would be able to participate.

You are premium for 15$ a month you get an entire mainland sim to build on. The grid would explode and Linden would be making money

Of course they prefer to screw people instead of doing the work. Why slave behind server machines when you can manipulate and play with dogs for the remaining office hours.



why would the same person you think will come, pay $15 a month for 3,750 prims when they can get 15,000 prims for $10 a month

how many people are there now paying $10 a month for 15,000 prims on a OpenSim grid ?

is not 100s of 1000s of them. is only 100s


the article by Reuben Steiger was pretty good I thought

Shockwave Yareach

It was the time when LL stopped thinking about this as a virtual world that everything went to pot.

It can be partially salvaged, with effort and an acceptance that what they have is Not just another product in a can. They need to think like they own a planet and are selling bits of it to settlers. And what they do on their own fleck of the planet is nobody's business but the settlers. That was what started the meteoric growth; that and the way to make money I world. When LL stopped thinking of the virtual world as a virtual world, and just another floor wax, is when the ruinous mismanagement started.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

If people could teleport in RL, they would.

It's true that slower means of transportation have their good points, but almost all of us have limited time, especially for recreation. I suspect that most people resent the time they have to take commuting. How much more would they resent being constrained in VR, where such constraints aren't necessary, and where they don't or shouldn't have to put up with it as they do in RL, and when will they decide they don't have to put up with it and seek entertainment elsewhere?

Ivanova Shostakovich

When telehubs existed, and were the only way to teleport, there were boondocks. In the same way merchants and advertisers could be close to the action, people who wanted their privacy, without encountering visitors and explorers, could find unfrequented corners of the grid to inhabit.

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