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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


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Stop the Presses!

NYT prepares content for...Cardboard!

At least it's more durable a paper product than newsprint.

See y'all in the Trough. Again.

La Viola

A flying penis is newsworthy and should be covered.

John Branch

The Times's move seems precipitous to me too. One thing I wonder is how many of the Times's subscribers are looking for "a unique sense of empathic connection" to people in "dire humanitarian crises." In years past, claims were made that television would advance our understanding of each other; I think something similar was said about telephone service and/or the telegraph. That you might find it easier to empathize with someone if you're talking to them by phone, seeing them on TV, or seeing them in VR doesn't mean you'll choose to pay them any attention at all.


is quite interesting to see a new person at the UN getting into it again. With the budget to make it happen

there was Reuters. then there was NYT

there was the UN and SL Teen Grid. then there was UN and Cardboard

wonders whatever happened to all them UN Teen Ambassadors who used to hang out on the TG making 3Ds about world probs and peace back in the day

hope this time it will actual make a difference in the RL


Few people know anything about history. So, I am not surprised people think increased awareness of current human problems will change something.

Other than up donations for a particular disaster relief, nothing seems to change.

The UN is a majority run organization and the majority of members are dictators, anti-citizen-freedom and anti-free-speech. China and Russia have veto power over any effort. Previously Libya and now Saudi Arabia is in charge of human rights... expect to see rights restricted. The question is how to keep them out of VR...

The NYT has proven they are mostly clueless. Stock price continues to drop (10+yr), 2014 saw an operating cost producing a US$9 million loss. Partnering with Google has not helped their stock price, yet.


Comparing the failure of Reuters island to NYT distributing Google Cardboard VR viewers? An SL island that can maybe support 75-80 viewer before it becomes unusable is nothing like a Google VR experience. VR scales just fine put the experience in the cloud and MILLIONS can eperience it with no problems at all. Apples and Oranges, no matter how much you chant "hype wave".

But hey my grandfather still prefers getting his news on big sheets of paper too. Maybe you are both right and all this VR nonsense is just a fad ready to fail.


I think your seeing the promotion arm of Zuckerberg and his investors. Since Zuckerburg and investors made Facebook the cool platform with a media onslaught against Myspace,now you'll see VR being promoted with Zuckerbergs investment in Oculus. NYT all the news that's fit to advertise.

Amanda Dallin

"hope this time it will actual make a difference in the RL"

We can hope but technology doesn't change human nature no matter how much we wish. People do not want a "unique sense of empathic connection to . . . " anything bad or unpleasant. They might want an "empathic" (and naked) connection to the current hot movie star or singer but not to the hungry political refugee fearing for their life.

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