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Thursday, October 29, 2015


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This is what happens when you let little children manage grownup things. Roots, baby. Roots.

zz bottom



And that is just only one reason I don't "facebook".

Feces Book

Fecesbook was the former MySpace, which was the former friendster, which was the former [keep filling in the blank]

Fecesbook is the next AOL walled garden of junk. They were founded on calling their users dumb f*cks and voyeristcally to spy on girls.

Google, worth an order of magnitude more that FB, is a true internet and technology company founded on algorithms and smart innovation as opposed to being a copy of myspace and walled gardens that anyone can cut and paste.

Good riddens to Fecesbook but I wonder what's next. Better yet, what's going to be the next Google/Alphabet?

Sassy Monrue

I hate Flopbook.they are responsible for thousands of crimes & murders across the globe in my opinion .

How many lady's will be raped in the world tomorrow or children molested due to this companies real life identity policy.

Rossy Ned

We are now in the middle of 2017, but this wicked Facebook practice continues and results in more and more casualty ... This creates opposition and unites the opponents of Facebook. Personally, I expect to see a new social media soon emerged and set off to relocate Facebook, giving more personal freedom and an opportunity for individualism and creativity.


A nice idea by the facebook to prevent them , thanks for such a nice work for the facebook team.

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