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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


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Laila Kletzel

On behalf of builders, I'm certainly hoping I can port my inventory because I use _everything_ in it. If I can't bring over my raw materials, my staging items, and of course my own creations, forget it. My inventory is my toolkit and I come into SL to be creative

Arwyn Quandry

Maybe some people keep small inventories, or they're so obsessed with the next big thing that they don't use anything old, but I'm not one of them. Not only do I use older items on a regular basis, and not for lack of new things, but I keep some items for sentimental value. Things from the Teen Grid, the first pair of jeans I ever bought, old photos, Christmas cards from friends who have passed away, all of those are important to me. Losing my inventory is one of the biggest things keeping me from feeling any enthusiasm about Sansar.


I'm more concerned about Sansar being a destination that I even want to go to. I'll worry about packing my bags later.

I've only seen one vague PR image and a log in page image. I don't have a clue about the avatar.

It doesn't sound like Sansar is a connected "world".

Couldn't this be a lot of concern about what everyone will be able to take with them on their solo trip to Siberia? There might be a lot of free time to make any new thing you want out of snow.

Cisop Sixpence

I understand that some things like clothing will not be transferable, I'm hoping I can find vendors in Sansar that are able to sell me similar goth/victorian/steampunk/lolita outfits in the new virtual world. However, I sure would like to know the specs on skin for avatars so I can start prepping my skin for Sansar. It just wouldn't be right if I were in another virtual world and didn't look similar to my self in Second Life. Got to keep up appearances you know.


Cube is an insider & even older then his current account with active lindens on his friends list so for me he would not have any real constructive criticism other then to mock other posters,marginalizing the feelings they have made while creating a disincentive to voice a view.
in effect pretending anyone with a valid concern is over reacting & misinformed at least that's one side i see..'the other side he is a talented creator while being active and making positive actions in the community.
Its not cubes fault he has haterz that hate.
(typical feted inner core early adapters like the ones who got into beta in Sankara to get a lifetime advantage over other residents just like the first time around so they can dominate the market they are in)
Second Life is filled with cheaters & this new world will be no different or stop that!
As for inventory.. they have Inworld tools that allow you to convert Prim & Sculpts into Good low poly mesh (100x better then the viewer can but that's still an optional tool also)
My advice(non-legal & highly subjective)if the creator is dead or gone & its highly sentimental with it being only copy/mod..copybot it.. then turn it into mesh and take with you!
Does the ends justify the means only you would know how important that object means to you and what length you would go to save it when the day comes our world goes away.


For now Sansar sounds more like a game platform than a world. Much of my inventory are not optimized for that. If the new platform have better graphics most of the stuff i have made for SL will look old.
The old stuff will stay in SL and in Opensim.

zz bottom

Same thoughts here Cyber.


about inventory. No. Is just stuff

the memories I cherish are in my head


one day I will get old and I wont be able to remember. I wont remember who I am either most likely when that happens

dunno how I am actual going to deal with that. I just feel that is not going to help me much to have stuff to remember by, when I don't remember how or why I have the thing. Or even who the person is who might be in the thing


Cube Republic -- me!!!! If you don't use anything from your inventory over a year old, then you have no respect for memories, the value of money, or gifts from friends.

Batters Box

Some stuff doesn't look good made from Mesh for instance rustic buildings. Mesh looks as if everything is made from vinyl siding.


I use a lot of my old things. Some are many years old by now and while there is a constant influx of new items, many of the old ones remain very useful.
And to lose my inventory and the 300+ constantly updated changed and newly created outfits I have saved so far would feel as bad for me as the loss off all the pieces of clothing that went into them.

I might look into Sansar when it is possible to be looked at in any meaningful way, but I freely admit that aside from friends and the communities I become part in SL, it is the inventory that would keep me there. And I know that I am not alone and that the initial lack of content in Sansar will have a hard time to compete with the rich amount of content in SL. People will not move because of lack of content and content creators will not move because lack of people.

So even the smallest portion of inventories being somehow transferred over and edited into whatever new format will be used, should ease many of the headaches LL must have over this. Unless they have some other plan in mind with some incentive that will people want to switch over.


@ Batters

Allowing 3D models to be imported in without upgrading the inworld toolset to be competitive with improved visuel quality in my option has been the very root cause of SL losing popularity as an engaging virtual world were residents(customers) are King/Queen.

I've heard many times sculpts could not compete with mesh when in reality it all comes down to who is the better texture artist.
The very best sculptors who could create sculpts without stretch or seems were the first ones killed off.

I have a friend who can create an entire realistic 1-story home with multi-faces expertly baked shadows using just 1-prim and could fool you into thinking it was mesh until you inspected it. the last days of sculpts had some very clever & intelligent builders who were told overnight all there creations were outdated while being unwanted.
5 years ago the destination guides was brimming with thousands of unique sims were the creator learned to build with prims/sculpts and created masterpieces now alls you have is sims created from others on the marketplace and if your sim becomes populear then 1/4 of your visiters will be other sim owners looking to buy what you put out.
Most new cool sims in SL are nothing but private display stalls for elitist mesh creators.
Show me any sim in SL today that could exceed creativity and uniqueness of lets say ??..Alpha Point or [pteron] sims from 5 years ago on the condition the sim owner created most of the lands showcase..it would be hard for us too right
A Shift from a creative world to a so-called creative world were if you buy enough rare Gatchas then add them to your sim then give it a fantasy name people call you a creator...maybe but in our days the standards were higher then just having a credit card to shop with.

Of course anytime linden lab makes changes to our world the "Coin-toss scene" from 'No country for old men' always comes to mind for me.

Blaze DeVivre

Inventory loss is not just about prims and system clothes. I am a performer and losing thousands of animations and the tools used to craft a show. That is a huge hit to me and all of us who dance and perform in SL. Sure I have a bunch of crap I could toss, in general. But since I am not well funded, it is going to take years to build up my new avi to do what I do in SL weekly.

DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret



Unless everything in your inventory happens to be a freebie, SL inventories represent a considerable investment of real world currency - from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Being asked to throw this investment away because it's never been part of LL's plan to invest in their own tools for converting SL inventories to work in Sansar pretty much sums up LL's attitude toward their SL customer base which is viewing them solely as cash cows.

LL is counting on your lost inventories to shore up their investment in Sansar by making you have to buy all the same things again.

And while this is pretty much the case with Open Sim and other grids built on the SL platform where you have to start from scratch to build up inventories, Sansar is being developed by LL so if LL had wanted to make it possible to convert everything in your SL inventory to work in Sansar, they would have, except they would lose that revenue source since you would not be spending $$$ to replace your SL inventory content.


You can have my Starax Wand when you pry it from my cold dead pixelated fingers.

Linda McTavish

Pixels is right in the above statement.

Linden Lab is building a competitor for their own product because over time Linden Lab has lost grip and control over their own platform. Linden Lab would like to gain that control back but they are with their backs against the wall.

So their final attempt to gain that control back is to destroy the current platform and build a new one from scratch hoping they are able to manipulate the userbase enough to go there instead.

This would be Linden Lab their ideal outcome and Linden Lab is only using the current VR hype as an excuse to get what they want which is having full control again. When they need to destroy people their decade old businesses to do that they don't care one bit.

Exporting people their inventory to the new platform is very easy to do.

1. You grab a sim content and use the export to unity plugin (that plugin already exists)

2. In unity you export the entire scene (the sim is now a scene) to FBX file format.

3. You upload the FBX to Sansar and give the customer his sim and his objects on your new platform.

4. It is easy to have two scripting systems working in tandem. Unity does this with both Java scripts and C++. Linden Lab can make LSL and C# work together just fine and support both, they just don't give a damn.

5. Viewers already have FBX export plugins directly build inside so you can even let users export themself if you would like.

This all would suck big time for Linden because residents would move to the new platform with the cheap land with their inventory and Linden Lab would now collect a whole lot less in tier than they used to and people would have all their stuff and inventory with them so they would not have a reason to buy new things which are heavily taxed.

To get out of that little situation CEO Alberg (who is not to trust) just came to tell the userbase with his innocent look that for technical reasons it is not possible to transfer objects to the new platform from the current one.

The Linden CEO has created an incredible lousy situation for every resident in Second Life and people are aware of it.

Your inventory is like all the stuff you have in your RL house. When your RL house burns down it kinda sucks because you need to buy everything again and you also lost certain items you cared about for emotional reasons.

Humans tend to get pissed off when their house burns down. Humans get even a lot more pissed off when certain types mess with their business and income.

Pussycat Catnap

I buy everything I buy in SL as if it was a cup of coffee.

I will drink it, and then its going out the other end and the fish get to keep it.

Its all temporary goods. Stay online long enough and you need to get used to the idea that everything is transitory. Even the other people.

There are things and concepts I really like about SL, but I don't expect to keep them forever - even though I've spent silly absurd amounts of money on them.

Then again if I added up all the latte's and cappuccino's I've bought over the years... that's even more. And I didn't get to keep most of them more than a few hours in my stomach...

So if SL vanished tomorrow - it would still have been better money spent than my coffee budget.
- I've enjoyed all those toys I've bought. Even the ones I bought, played with for 5 minutes, and then forgot I had them.

Right now I am still holding about $140,000L worth of land in SL - the amount that I have put into it and not yet made back from selling it.

So that is US$595 worth of 'virtual pixels' that I will just flat out lose if SL is "replaced" by Sansar (rather than existing alongside as is the actual plan). Certainly if Sansar succeeds, most of that money will be a loss.

Should I sell now and make my money off some other sucker before the value is gone, or just go on enjoying what I have bought with it?

I would say that, based on the fact that it took me 6 years to put in that US$595 - I have roughly spent 32.6 cents a day on owning land in SL...

My coffee, if I buy one, is going to run between $5-6 because I live by San Francisco and this place is silly expensive...

So... I'm still making out ahead... and frankly I can accept losing that money. SL land is NOT an investment... it is a good that retains value for a limited time, and the people making money off of it are like 'day traders' who make that not by holding it, but by trading it at the right time to the right "sucker" that values love, emotion, and experience over money... Kinda glad I'm a sucker...


Oh well.

If I lose my inventory when the new version of this MMO comes out, I lose my inventory.

The real question was put forth in the third comment to this blog article: Will I even want to go to Sansar at all - regardless of how much if any of my loot I get to keep.

Just because I can keep all my possessions if I move to Wyoming... doesn't mean I want to go there... :)
- Unless it turns out to be Paris or Berlin instead of Wyoming... then I'll go there even if they tell me I have to go naked and start over...

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