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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


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Humperton Di Angelo

Your assumptions are mistaken Hamlet.

While the large majority complaints about lag, these are the freeloader blingtards that log in to club and gather in groups the ones complaining about customer service are the actual ones that pay.

The ones that pay expect customer service and complain. The freeloader blingtards that log in to dress-up, chat and club couldn't care less about customer service because they are not an actual paying customer. These people are only confronted with lag.

When you meet 10 people in Second Life perhaps 1 has payment information on file or payment information used.

A small group pays for the large amount of freeloaders.

I hope this provides more clarity and sense to your survey results.

Humperton Di Angelo

complaints = complains, excuse for typo.

Estelle Pienaar

@ Humperton: Sinze when do fantasized stats provide more clarity? Only one in ten users has payment information on file? I don't want to know in which corners of SL you hang out to get such an impression...

Humperton Di Angelo


Do a random check on 100 avatars and see how many have payment info

The latest years I saw a huge increase in avatars without any payment info at all.

The problem with the freeloaders is well known.

Humperton Di Angelo

1 Buy mesh dress for 1 Dollar by amateur creator for cheap consisting out of 40 million vertices.

2 go to club to lol with other people who also wear 50 million polygon shirts and dresses

3 Lagorama cause low end PC cannot render scene with 900 million polygons

4 bitch about performance and lag and the need for improvement.

Amanda Dallin

I just did a random check of the avatars around me in a couple of places I usually can be found in SL and 24 out of 28 have payment info on file. That's about average for the areas I usually frequent. SL is extremely varied and no one person can extrapolate from what they see to the whole.

The question wasn't "What does LL need to do to attract and keep more people in SL?" It was "If you could ask Linden Lab to improve or add any SL feature, what would you ask for MOST?" So people understandably applied the questions to what they would want to improve their own SL.

For years SL concentrated on attracting new users and mostly ignoring their current users. They weren't and aren't very good at it but they kept trying. I'm glad to see them doing more under Ebbe to retain current users. They should be doing both, it's just a matter of balancing their resources.

Carlos Loff

Cheaper lands - That should have been on the survey and was not

Yes, with a simple gesture of making lands much cheaper many world creators and community managers will flock with huge interesting projects, SL will be much more diverse and what you can not find on A land you can find on B land

Land is the base for diversity and innovative projects and original minds to setup a whole new breed of SL activities


Amanda wrote "people understandably applied the questions to what they would want to improve their own SL."

^^ that ^^

Orca Flotta

Not surprising but also NOT disappointing is the lack of interest in gaming dynamics. Simple explanation; even if SL is a game by your subjective definition, the vast majority doesn't see it that way or at least isn't using it as a game. Usually when ppl wanna play games, they use better suited products, like for example ... games.

Most people use SL like it was intended, as a virual world, where they are living their virtual (second) lifes. We don't need anything gamerish for that. The lab knows that as well, else they wouldn't call us 'residents' but 'players'.

I'm a race sailor and an avid biker girl, moving my vehicles across all continents and major estates, and never had I wished for special gaming dynamics. Wouldn't even know what that is, prolly some super lame geeky stuff nobody understands in the first place.

New exciting user interface? Beats me why anyone wanna have that. I'm still clinging onto the good old V1.23 GUI with my beloved Singularity Viewer anmd miss nothing. It renders mesh like a pro, is fast and easy to use ... and not so all over the place like those stillborn V3 abominatons. Oh, and it would help along all your cheapo 300 US$ lappies. I'm even using it with some success on my bad 300€ netbook with the cheapest Intel HD onboard graphics.

Minimizing lag? People who want that should be shouted at, beaten up or at least ignored. 90% of lag is created client side by idiots buying their computers from Walmart's bargain basement. Jeeze, your whole fukn laptop cost less than my graphics card and you ppl wonder about experiencing lag? Really?

My new desktop, that I built myself in April 2015, is quite good but not a specialized gaming rig. Still I see 60 FPS with full eye-candy, shadows and the whole shebang. And that on 1024 meters drawing distance. So when I see lag I know it's coming from the lab ... which it almost never does. So why complaining?

So here's my advice for the lab if they wanna increase their user base:

Money talks! That's a true fact, always and everywhere. So raise our weekly stipends from the meager 300 to 500 L$. Won't cost you anything, and I know you did it once. Ppl would love it, quite contrary to silly useless premium gifts.

And for fux sake lower the land prices! I know this would majorly piss of some of the fat land barons but ... pfffrz, fuk 'em. They are nothing but parasites, bottomfeeders of the SL economy.

Lowering land prizes seems like a logical thing to do, as well. Even if the Lab isn't welll-known for always using logical approaches to economical questions, please consider this simple example:

Would you prefer making 50 US$/mth from an active, populated sim or zero US$/mth from a useless, empty sim? You do the math, LL.

But that's how you lure ppl into your scheme: Monetary benefits! And then lean back and observe new ppl streaming into SL.

Oh, and one more thing: If you plan on a new virtual world you best do so in secrecy, with a new dedicated team, and fresh money. You don't announce it to your existing user base and you don't even tap into SL's resources coz that will destroy the last pathetic rest of your users's confidence in you completely!

Lately I catch myself more and more thinking about how much I'd enjoy to watch SL and LL crash and tumble down in a fiery flame.

Crash n burn, baby, crash n burn!

Orca Flotta

Oh, forgot the Bad Service argument.

When you're using SL the normally intented way you will hardly ever run into problems, so no need for service. I didn't need their support in years, so I can't say anything about the quality or the lack thereof. In other words: Customer Service ain't that important as you think it is, Hamlet.

Again, the people who complain the most are also the people that most often create the problems for themselves in the first place.

Phonesex Ebbe

@Orca Flotta

You are very correct in your comments.

The masses with their 300 US$ Walmart computers will always have lag and always complain about lag.

Virtual worlds require decent computers.

Not idiotic cellphones, you do not run Second Life on a phone or a tablet period.

Virtual worlds require massive user input and work. Investment of time and resources to build everything from the ground up.

Because of this factor there must be value. Land can represent that value and so can value of 3D objects inside of the world.

The platform provider is responsible to protect these investments if they want to keep their world running.

At the moment Second Life is burning to the ground as we speak. The loss in sims is increasing week after week thanks to the super incompetent CEO and his futuristic ambitions.

Also to everyone that is screaming for CHEAP TIER CHEAP TIER why do you not go to opensim?

Tier is cheap there, you can get sims for free. But you know that you find garbage in opensim so that is why you want to stay in Second Life

But in Second Life people need to work hard to provide you with your entertainment and because of that you need to pay

At the moment I can go to High Fidelity and I can start to work, working to build scenes for High Fidelity and spend 100's of hours on it, if not thousands of hours to create and build so that others can consume.

High Fidelity has 5 users so I would never be able to make money from my efforts at this point in time so why on earth should I bother?

We did see in Blue Mars how certain people made pretty mesh scenes, it never catched on. When only an experienced mesh model creator can build, everybody else would have to consume. But people can consume much better for an amount of 30 US$ when they buy Assasin's Creed. Large amounts of content to consume, no griefers, no lag and they get to play a game on top of it.


As long as this corruption keeps going Second Life will melt faster than a block of ice on a sunny spring afternoon.

Linden Lab might go bankrupt faster than you think.

YOU SUCK EBBE ALTBERG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zz bottom

Like some said, if you want cheaper land prices go to open sim, cause you can really get surprised by the cheer performance of it nowadays.
If you are in Sl, behave that you are supporting a company without any knowledge of their user base whatsoever, even if Ebbe is trying to change that.
Still if you are there then you support it 100pct and you should be premium, period.


Why isn't LL asking these questions directly to their customers?

It's the only way to get a meaningful consensus.

NWN readers, and their concerns, are nothing like most of the residents I know inworld. Yet these people sign in day after day, own land, and consume merchandise.

If LL isn't willing to ask or listen themselves, then what information of any value could polls like this provide?

Shithouse Boyd

@ irihapeti & Amanda Dallin

You both must hangout in nursing home regions like franks jazz or wet willies to see so much payment info on file.
back in the real Second Life any high traffic sim with a shopping district would be committing suicide by adding "payment on file" to get in.

if you had 20k traffic in a few days it would hit 3k in a few days leading to the stores pulling out not to mention all the mssgs from people asking why they were banned while threatening to report you.

most of all those old accounts logged in on mainland with payment are just fronts while they have alts are out playing "without payment on file" plus they can listen to the music stream while alt can have theirs off since so many sims are now logging peoples ISPs + Voodoo's version of redzone shouting out in public who is who alt & ect.

Shithouse Boyd

A.J. Sir you just won the internet! with that voice of reason & common business sense.

Shithouse Boyd

@ Phonesex Ebbe

You can get your point across without being so crass+ stick to current facts it's not like they can travel back in time fixing things.

How many times must Ebbe apologize to the community for past choice's linden lab made?
so far i can count over 100 times in interviews & events were he has made apologies while promising to do better in the future.

It's like Pringles with you. once you pop. you can't stop! LoL

Shithouse Boyd

@Orca Flotta

"You don't announce it to your existing user base and you don't even tap into SL's resources coz that will destroy the last pathetic rest of your users's confidence in you completely!"

That's why i closed all 4 of my RPG regions & group not long ago if it will be cheaper with more land in Sansar why continue my tier here?

After 7 yrs it was a hard choice at first but now my wife has a new car she always deserved and we can save up for a vacation after 15yrs together.

Thanks Ebbe for helping to improve my marriage.

Phonesex Ebbe

@Shithouse Boyd

It is never too late to fix a mistake when you are CEO of a company. Apologies are simply not enough. There are issues and a CEO is supposed to solve them so his company remains profitable.

Phonesex Ebbe his hollow promises are no good. He needs to deliver, I need to see him do his job instead of pampering his staff with yoga, free pizza and doggies at the workplace.

Phonesex Ebbe lost massive amounts of regions the previous two years. Besides trying to enable illegal gambling and covering it up as games of skill what has he done for the Second Life community?

He put up google ads and hosts certain sims for free when residents are fed up paying tier for them.

Is that a good CEO?

Ow he made a little appearance in Dr. Phil. How did that boost the traffic for Second Life it had no effect at all.

On the other hand Phonesex Ebbe did casual tell the community he gave orders to build a new virtual world and I quote:

"Linden Lab will build a new virtual world, it will be like Second Life but better."

So how about the current platform?

"We will keep it running until it is no longer profitable. I agreed Oz and 3 programmers can still work on it for now."

A CEO for Second Life needs to make Second Life grow and put all resources into the company flagship product. When he cannot increase traffic and sales he needs to get liquidated from his position and replaced by one who can do the job.

Phonesex Ebbe

@Shithouse Boyd

I am going to quote your previous post.

"@Shithouse Boyd:

That's why i closed all 4 of my RPG regions & group not long ago if it will be cheaper with more land in Sansar why continue my tier here?

After 7 yrs it was a hard choice at first but now my wife has a new car she always deserved and we can save up for a vacation after 15yrs together.

Thanks Ebbe for helping to improve my marriage. "

Shithouse Boyd you are the PRIME EXAMPLE why Phonesex Ebbe is a problem and not an asset. I could not have a better example to validate my complaining about Phonesex Ebbe.

Because of CEO Altberg you Shithouse Boyd a 7 year old Linden Lab customer paying Linden Lab around 800 US$ per month in tier decided AFTER CEO ALTBERG HIS SPEECH to not continue with your Roleplay community because Phonesex Ebbe did devalue the worth of your regions and presence in Second Life in the blink of an eye.

You Shithouse Boyd a good Linden Lab customer gave up your sims because you can get them a lot cheaper in the future anyway so why bother.

This is exactly why I have issues with CEO ALTBERG HIS INCOMPETENCE. CEO ALTBERG is not there to make your marriage better. He is there to sell regions and make sure that Second Life customers are content. That is his job. He is not there to make idiotic announcements that make you, a loyal paying customer close your community regions. He is there to make you expand your roleplay group so you can have fun in world.

Login Hero

@ Phonesex Ebbe

'I need to see him do his job instead of pampering his staff with yoga, free pizza and doggies at the workplace.'

Ahh!..you opened my eyes as to why the avatars of Torley Linden & Pete has gained subtle love handles over the last few months!

Ebbe is pampering his employees into early cardiovascular disease!you know it's always the ones who seem the nicest that fast food their employees to a trans-fat slow grave..omg someone call PETA!

Login Hero

Ebbe Linden!

Da'Big mac & Fries Terror down on Battery street! killing his employees softly with snack cakes & positive social reinforcement.


Amanda Dallin

I've never been to Frank's or Wet Willie's. I do go on the occasional shopping spree but I certainly don't spend most of my time in shopping districts. SL is too varied to judge by the sims any one person hangs out in. That's the reason it's still better than open sim or any competitior. It's large diverse community.

I don't see how LL could introduce gaming mechanics that would be useful to more than a handful of people. SL is not one game with one set of goals.. It's used for gaming but in many different ways. When I first started in SL it still had a way to vote for avatars in different areas. Kind of a social gaming. I don't remember the details of it but I do remember thinking how silly it was and it had lost all relevance if it ever had any to people in SL. That was with a concurrency of less than 10,000.

Imagin Illyar

Honestly, I'd like to see no new features until all known bugs are fixed. Then build on that.

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