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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


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Improved Performance and reduced lag WITH the not so good network bandwidth I already have.

Bixyl Shuftan

Customer service.

Kitsune Shan

Custom bones as well as others graphics features but mainly custom bones for sure. For those that dont know whats about, it means being able to upload meshes with their own bones. Think on it as pets that can move with skin, wings that can be animated, tails, ears, etc..

Deja Vu

This subject has been reviewed about a million times. I doubt Linden Lab still gives a damn about Second Life or their customers. It is all about the future now with their new world.

The only thing Linden Lab needed to do was transfer every single object in Second Life to their new platform as part of a massive upgrade to improve the general customer experience and platform as a whole. Nobody would have had a single complaint about this given.

Now instead by being their brutal self Linden Lab opted to ignore their client base and told them to get stuffed.

Enjoy it while it lasts is the message from Linden Lab management.

With this knowledge residents are now in a position to look what they wish to do and if they still want to get involved with Linden Lab in the future.


more prim tortures. bevel edges particular

prim model to mesh model baking. incl. baking textures

for mesh models. simple inworld extrusion tool, that will also reweight a worn garment by the extrusion


more prim tortures. bevel edges particular

prim model to mesh model baking. incl. baking textures

for mesh models. simple inworld extrusion tool, that will also reweight a worn garment by the extrusion


@Deja vu wrote

"residents are now in a position to look what they wish to do and if they still want to get involved with Linden Lab in the future"

when has this never not been true


you a bundle of joy

Deja Vu

Irihapeti I am realistic. It has all been said 5000 times before. Linden did not listen cause Linden knows best.

This time VR pushes for mainstream so people will have a series of viable alternatives so that is the difference.


More attention and courage from LL to handle & permanently ban griefers. Nothing has changed since before or after this post: http://brace-coral.livejournal.com/

Carlos Loff

This survey forgot the most important box of all, one that probaboy would drag many many many people into it's choice - Cheaper land prices

sirhc deSantis

Other - although quite what 'other' is hard to pin down. More inworld tools, yes please. A hard cap on rendering complexity - well its sort of coming but good luck enforcing. New user experience - no idea its been too long and running through with a test accnt isn't really giving you that fresh mea..new user reaction. UI, I so rarely use the LL viewer that its not something that worries me.
Plus the usual 'more open communications' but that comes and goes.


Well, cheaper land prices is a good one, but I don't have the strength to argue that one anymore.

I wish LL would remold the base avatar into an acceptable human form for the 21st century. This would return the ability to make skins, clothing, and shapes to the hands of amateur artists.

Right now, I think that a handful of creators are calling the shots for too much. It's very complicated and very boring to have to start defining your individuality by erasing everything that your are "born" with and being at the mercy of the churned out formulas of a select group of SL plastic surgeons and designers.

Yea, I know this can't be done just like land prices can't be fixed and the American middle class cannot be saved.

So yes, I think what SL really really needs is greater compatibility with mobile devices and a few more of those gemstone freebies we get with a Premium account.

Don't Get Hairy

G-Mod is light years ahead of the older software with only a 1 time $20 dollar fee.

Linden Lab has no rules

metacam oh

Only thing that would get me back is them allowing me to host my own sims on my own servers with my own resources. I want land and places to build without paying the same as I would if I leased a Mercedes.



that there will be more choices is a good thing. So I am agree with that

is just that we don't always need to refer to LL when looking at what those choices are, or might be


for example

when some OS grid owners go: We are awesome bc LL sux

ok. can say this but when the OS owner is always saying it then I think ffs

like sometimes also a OS owner will say: We made this pretty good thing

which it is. A pretty good thing. On its own merits

but then they add the rider: Aaaand is way more awesome than anything LL made. Who sux btw

when I read this kinda thing I go: ffs

Deja Vu

By cheating customers Linden Lab did damage their own business model. People now know that one person needs to pay 295 US$ a month for a sim while another pays 145 US$ per month or less.

The average customer got fleeced with the homestead debacle so that Anshe Chung could profit from this to build up her monster estate again she has today.
For an entire year these Lindens sold homestead sims at grandfathered rate under the table to Anshe Chung so she could build up the monster estate she has today. Everybody else got 0.
Is Second Life Anshe Chung her private game garden? Is her money more special than that of average Bill and Bob who buy a sim?

There is corruption, unfair pricing, all kinds of shemes that cannot stand the light of day.

When these practises would no longer be sustained by CEO Ebbe Altberg and Linden Lab management people could consider doing something in Second Life again. At the moment why bother?

As for the future, Linden Lab will face competition without a doubt, virtual space will be offered extremely cheap because virtual space is the equivalent of a webpage now so when you are in the virtual world sim space selling niche, you will have a hard nut to crack trying to make money on that when you run a platform with user generated content.

High Fidelity offers a virtual space for 20$ a year, it is empty but you can build it. That is 1.7 US$ a month for a sim compared to the 295 US$ Linden Lab is asking if you are not on their friends list.

When Lindens want to save their game they better put a stop to their corruption.

The Italian mafia is doing an internship at Linden Lab to perfection their techniques on how to rip off people legaly without facing criminal prosecution.


the ACS brand holds about 14% of the estate sims

who holds the other 86% ? and to what extent are they impacted by ACS ?


can understand if ACS held like 40 or 50%

but 14% ???



I'll be another to say that the land stuff is like the twilight zone. I used to play nice and smooth gmod back in 2006, but I became addicted to sl for nearly a decade after tiring of gmods user-base. If cloud party had been pushed through a stand-alone program, sl would surely have had to stop with the monopoly behaviour.

zz bottom

Npc's, that is some that is light's away on open sim regarding sl.

Deja Vu


They are impacted by ACS and the rest who get the friend deals to the extent that they go bankrupt and get their estate destroyed.

Let us look at the following example

Estate one owns 50 sims does not get friend pricing and pays Linden 100K US$ a year in tier.

Estate two gets special treatment for whatever reason and receives 33% or more friend pricing discounts.

Now these two need to compete for customers and this is how they do it:

Estate one pays 295 US$ a month per sim to Linden Lab

Estate two pays 195 US$ a month or less per sim to Linden Lab

Estate one takes 25% profit or 100 US$ if the sim is full per month. Of course the sim is not always full so the profit is way below 25%

Now this is how little old Linden Lab keeps their friends happy.

Estate two let us call them ACS charges right above the tier price for a sim which estate one needs to pay to Linden Lab

Estate one pays 295 US$. So estate two charges 320 US$ in tier to their customers on a sim which gives them 120 US$ profit on a sim and completely undercuts estate one.

Estate one cannot rent out a sim for 320 US$ a month since they need to pay 295 US$ for it.

So estate two who gets the special friend deals from Linden Lab happily chokes estate one to death.

Estate two can now completely undercut any competition by receiving their friend deals and gets a bigger profit margin of an extra 20% on top of it.

I think about 50 estates or more got destroyed or gave up over the years and had their business screwed because of what Linden Lab has been secretly doing.

Ebbe is not telling you all this is he.

You could say that Linden Lab is running a game but helps certain players to cheat. ACS would not exist these days if Linden Lab did not help her with all this crap. Anshe Chung herself is not to blame, it is Linden who helps her to cheat.

It gets even worse, when one of these estates in category one throws in the towel because they get undercut Linden Lab then assists to transfer the sims and customers of estate 1 to one of their friends who get the discounts. Then estate 1 gets a couple of thousand dollars paid for all their clients and sims a rediculous small amount for the actual value.

To who else would estate one be able to sell their sims? Only the special Linden friends who get the discounts are able to take over. So that is how Linden Lab helps their friends get bigger and everybody else gets screwed.

So to summarize all this and make you understand with what scum you are dealing with.

Linden Lab invites people to come to Second Life and invest in sims or buy sims to rent them out and start a real estate business on their grid.

People do that and pay Linden Lab large amounts of money and spend a lot of time building up such businesses.

Then Linden Lab chooses a couple of friends and start to give these friends huge discounts on the maintenance fees of these sims so they can easy undercut any competition and drive them out of business over the years.

Then once these estates have to give up because they get competed to death Linden Lab concierge support helps these estates with a smile to hand over their clients and sims to Linden Lab their friends.

Then Linden Lab acts as if their nose bleeds and Ebbe puts up smiling pictures of himself and everything is super on the Linden Lab grid.

If you did not know all this Irihapeti I did just expand your knowledge a bit more and now you might understand why people are pissed off with Linden Lab

Ow and the sheme with land is just one thing, there are many other of these little stunts Linden Lab has been participating in.

Why do you think there are thousands of angry people out there? You think they are just drama queens?

Tamar Luminos

I chose "Other"- Cheaper land prices. Drop the price of buying and maintaining a sim to something the average person can manage, like say $50 set up and $100/month tier, and more people will get (back) into SL to build their own "dream virtual space". I know I'd love to run a roleplay sim for people, but the $1000 down and $300/mo. is vastly overpriced.

Humperton Di Angelo

Over the years as servers gained more capacity instead of reducing the tier for land Linden Lab has removed servers from their system and stacked more and more sims on the same server to increase their profit margins even more.

Linden Lab ceased most of its development on Second Life and stacked more sims on the same server while charging the customer the same high tier fees.

Why work if you can earn the same by doing less?

Most of the staff at Linden Lab only remains for 3 months to a year before being replaced. Some of their staff only stays a month at the company.

Linden Lab is a shell that is kept running as long as it rakes in enough profit from the success Second Life once was. The moment it doesn't out goes the staff, their office building is a rental so easy to clean up the company.


The most important thing they could do is actually respond to abuse reports.


The most important thing they could do is actually respond to abuse reports.

Lemon Panda

Institute more reality based tier pricing, lower land costs mean more people are willing to invest.

patchouli woollahra

I'd be plumping for a way to parlay Server Side Baking as introduced for SL system avatars into a layering system for texturing other objects that aren't Ruth, like prim and mesh objects. As it currently stands, we have a system that now gets less use than originally intended partly thanks to the rise of mesh replacement avatars, so why not use that spare capacity? This would necessitate a little extra work on the grid, but would help obsolete onion-skinning meshes and improve rendering performance inworld as creators switch from repeating the same geometry several times for layered textures to one texture containing all the layers desired.

If respecting no-mod is an issue, have the resulting textures inherit all permission blocks from textures that have been layered on - e.g. if someone tries to retexture an object with no-mod textures deny them the use of the layering system. if someone adds a layer with a texture that is no-transfer or no-mod, have the resulting texture saved out as a new texture that inherits those permission blocks. No-copy would be a bit trickier to handle as you probably would not want to lose a texture simply because you used it right in a layered comp, but the same issue has occurred previously when using nocopy textures in texturing an object, and you potentially wouldn't want people overriding permission flags by using the layering system with empty textures. That would be an exercise left up to the Lindens and Residents for whom this system would be a beneficial improvement with relatively minimal extra work done (based heavily off work that has already been done and tested for months previously)

I realise this proposal has been shot down several times on the SL JIRA. But I don't believe that it is always going to be a bad idea. Remember when mesh uploads into Second Life were considered a bad idea, and now consider how much richer SL is now that the technical capability to do so exists in tandem with a respect for intellectual property (at least within genuine users of the function) . I figure, why not toss it again this time, and let's see what happens? It only has to stick once, and stick hard.


Graphics. Getting old.

Adeon Writer

Let two avatars touch each other without phasing through each other like the digital polygons they actually are.


Way cool.  Love it!

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