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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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Login Hero

Not only is it cool!the lindens should adopt it as a light weight viewer for new residents right next to the official download.most new residents they only get one shot to convince them to return.

For those who do not yet need the complex tools/features the firestorm offers or might not even have the hardware for it.(yet)


The perhaps not so obvious statement might be "why hasn't Linden Labs started on incorporating webGL into it's viewer?".

Graham Mills

Don't forget the Unity-based BuiltBuyMe viewer and the WebGL PixieViewer, neither of which reached a stage where widespread adoption occurred. I do hope this project delivers, however, as it would make life a lot simpler for educators trying to get classes off the ground. US Army Project MOSES is also sponsoring development of a WebGL viewer for OpenSim so hopefully we can either expect good news "soon" or give up on this idea which has proven so frustratingly elusive.


Once there was a Cloudparty and they were webbased. I loved it so much beside the graphics and urls that could guide you to the area of your creations.

It also gave me a change to show the world in presentations what a Social Virtual World is about. As the masses still do not know this wonderfull technology. As I say what happens in Second Life stays in sEcond life..and it is hard to explain to your next door neighbour.
I would be happy if there is a kind of a webbased part to have the ability to show. Now you are depening on heavy computers and the luck you can loggin on the server from the building where you give your presentation. And not all are happy that you will loggin to Second Life.... So many changes are missed to show the beauty...

Shockwave Yareach

It would enable LL to simply have a URL to login instead of having a viewer. This would attract lots of users on lots of platforms, since it would not require a full PC viewer just to see what's up.

But then new people would be dropped into empty sims with nothing to do and no hope of finding the groups in SL that do the things they would be interested in. So they'll go away again just like they do now, just without the install uninstall steps.

The easy bake webGL viewer is a must for this place. So is a noob area where different groups announce their interests and offer LMs to the activities. So are a hundred other things that have been holding LL back the past 8 years. But they haven't allowed anything that fixes the grid in the least bit, so I doubt this will be incorporated either. Basically, the main thing holding LL from greater success is... LL.

zz bottom

Still, 1 million times to have Sl with Ll as it is then watching google, facebook or other Puritanism Mogols rule.

Adeon Writer

I will be following this with baited breath.

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