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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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Like previous week I wrote in here about a facebook virtual world. Ow look it is starting to show.


and if you think you will only be using those blue heads and hands in there wait until you will see their collection of avatars which of course they are not showing you now.

Indigo Mertel

Hmmm... and people should spend hundreds of $ for VR goggles to play stuff like this?


Ohhh, gee, a "virtual world", I can't wait to live inside this space where I can play fake paddleball. The future is here! LOL

Kitty Revolver

I thought this was Microsoft's Hololens big thing?


LOL. You can do that better in real. Does it work when you are worlds apart? Maybe then.


This totally wipes the floor with High Fidelity, who showed that clumsy demo of stacking boxes with your hands, the other week...

Cube Republic

Didn't unity just release their VR dev kit?

Mark Y

Cool! The disembodied heads and hands are kind of brilliant - I can't help but "interpolate" the bodies between them.

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