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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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I am not old enough to remember it, but I have read that broadcast TV was promoted as providing free university-quality educations, opera, and ballet to uplift the masses.

Add the haptic suit and you know where this technology will go in an instant.

Mr Happy

Sir Hamlet,might you check to see if LL will support this device,it may do well in Project Sansar?.

Do not let link scare you!,its very relative upon inspection of the article.

http ://www .huffingtonpost.com/entry/ejaculator-sex-toy-lets-you-feel-porn-star-bump-and-grind_560d6f87e4b076812701129e

sirhc deSantis

So I can either go through this interesting sort of green screen thingy (remembering a clean shirt and blusher/eyeliner) or strap on a scuba mask tethered to my fridge with a 2 meter cable and stumble around my kitchen. Sounds fun either way :)

(Side note to Iggy - the open university was offering uni courses on the telly when i was a kid and now on the web, in fact currently enrolled in an entry level intro to data analysis using Python of all things. Of course, was it intiated under a UK socialist government... )

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