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Thursday, October 08, 2015


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Kitty Revolver

great article and agree with him. Also the problems he brings up is why I hate techno-utopias and techno-futurist sin general. Techonology isn't going to save the world from its ills.


is a pretty interesting read


some thoughts

Philip R. has a dream of re-creating himself digitally. A being indistinguishable from his RL self sans body. He has never hidden that truth

A being infinitely more knowledgeable (bc access to all knowledge that can be digitised). A being that will live forever (meaning until there is no energy left to power itself. No food)

sometimes people worry about this, for itself in itself

i am kinda disagree with this. As in itself this is a vision/dream and he (Philip R.) is passionate about it. In itself I dont see anything wrong with pursuing a dream passionately, or even realizing our dreams in practice. To realize it technically. Even this dream


i think the worry begins with: Will such a being be wise?

this a whole other dimension that goes way beyond the technicals. Being knowledgeable (to know all things) dont by itself make intelligence. Intelligence = knowledge + wisdom

in a dystopian scenario (or lasse fairez if you like) then is often projected that the less intelligent beings wont survive in the pursuit for energy, the food of the beings

and thats where people wonder about Philip R. He dont hide his beliefs about this either. He is pretty ok with lasse fairez / dystopia. He back himself to survive in this. In this projected scenario, more intelligent beings do survive, and less intelligent beings do not, when each being is viewed as a individual


what has to be factored in tho is when beings, faced with non-survival, band together in a dystopia, and eliminate the individuals (outliers) who are outside of the group. As a group these beings are more knowledgeable about survival, even if sometimes less wise individually than the outliers

take any number of beings and put the question: Be a group member and survive, or be a outlier and perish. Pick ?


for it not to be a dystopia then need lots of rules to govern behaviour. Rules that condition the behaviour of the beings. Which is paradoxical to the dream pretty much I think


The VCR would crush society and destroy the minds of the young.


Philip Rosedale's ludicrous vision of RL as being a museum... vomit. It's just drivel from an
over-privileged narcissist who hasn't looked away from his reflection long enough to see all of the people who keep his museum functioning.

Real life will only be a museum to people who are dead.


I totally agree that the VR utopia will never occur. Nor do I think we are going to experience anything like Snow Crash/Ready Player One/Matrix EVER. I'm sorry, it is highly evident now that only a small group of people are interested in VR.

Also it is more likely now that we will experience WWIII before we ever have a global VR system or AI robots. WWWIII is the end event. So lets all worry about this and not delusional fantasies.


Thank you, A.J., melponeme, and my other fellow skeptics.

Useful VR is going to be part of our world at some point, but if one for a moment thinks that "the real world will be something that maybe we come back to as a kind of a museum to marvel at as part of our past" they are drinking the Rosedale Koolaid again.

We heard all that about virtual worlds in 2006-7, remember?

This is simply the latest flavor of snake oil from a master salesman. Rosedale can project the Steve Jobs' "reality distortion field" and, though a nicer man by all accounts that Jobs, he lacks a product he can hold up like an iPhone and change the world.

Amanda Dallin

@ irihapeti
The weaker (less knowledgeable) banding together to survive and for protection from the strong (more knowledgeable) is the origin of civilization and the human condition for as long as we've existed as a species. A totally Laissez-faire system will never last because people ban together and that's a good thing. When society will lose it's respect for the individual in favor of the group then you have problems again. Politics is mostly finding the right balance.

sirhc deSantis

Well reading comments first took my vitriol away. So still sane people out there after all.
However (!) 'As technical leaders, grownups and architects of “the future”' yeah.
Sorry cupcake, we are the grownups, you just bred and think you are the first thrrrp, welcome to the 'realworld' :)
(nods to iri, melponeme_k, acknowledge Amanda but sorry not agree)

Cube Republic

Imagine how popular porn will be. Now think of all the kids that will get caught in the act by their parents.



@Cube, despite my skepticism about the VR utopia, you hit upon a profit-making use. American Millennials cannot go outside because the affluent ones are pre-programmed from birth to work to get into the best possible college. They no longer have time for sex in the back seat of a car, that old-timey ruinator of youthful morality.

Soon they'll be in their rooms having VR-sex! But what if they meet that anonymous hottie and it turns out to BE their parent?

Good SF story there :)

Cube Republic

There's already been investment. They use 360° camera rigs to capture the action from every angle. I even saw a viral last week for it, something along the lines of 'girlfriends react to VRP'.

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