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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


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Annabelle Nichols


Kitty Revolver

HiFi is too super VR for me, you have to have the headset, the gloves, the cameras, etc. I want something simple that I don't feel like a secondary-citizen because I don't have a ton of money.

Indigo Mertel

I agree with Kitty. So far, what we know of HiFi is all about technology, progress on using all kind of devices with minimum lag, speech, body movement, etc. But, do we really need something so advanced? On the other hand, we know very little about the environment and the image quality. The avatar still look cartoonish, and that is a major shortcoming as far as I am concerned. Even SL avatars look better.

What HiFi is doing is work which I am sure will have an important influence on the future of VR, and HiFi will certainly have its uses. But, as long as HiFi keeps its focus on the tech side of VR and not all those aspects affecting the social side of VR I don't see how it can be a mass product.


I think Philip has never understood the importance of avatar appearance. He has picked up on the Uncanny Valley as many others have. I just think he can't find the edges of the valley.

We haven't seen the Sansar avatars so we assume they are as good as and expect them to be even better than SL's.

Adeon Writer

> But Why Are They Hardly Interested in High Fidelity?

Because I already tried it and realized it's not what any fan of SL wants.


I was interested in High Fidelity... until I tried it.

Amanda Dallin

I agree with Indigo, Adeon and Taylor. I tried Hi Fi and I'm not interested. Indigo is right, it's not social and avatar appearance is a major consideration.

Hi Fi is a niche VR for experimenters kinda like SL in 2004 - 2005.

Joe Builder

Sansar is being built by the former ceo of a porn studio,what could go wrong?.

Joe Builder

You don't know dlck Adeon! High Fidelity is just in alpha what is your noggin thinking or expecting shlt to be built overnight?..Geez


Maybe Sansar will have very good Voice chat thanks to phonesex Ebbe.

It is amazing how this guy profiles himself as "Dad" or the "family man" when his job is recruiting single moms to prostitute themself on the telephone.

Wagner James Au

What are you even talking about?


Have a test server for hifi and following what they do. But it is far away from being a platform for anything at the moment.

Carlos Loff

Because Sansar is just a promise and covered in mystery and HF already shown what they bring and the spaces and avatars they used, to be honest, suck quite a little bit


Everybody knows the "high" in high fidelity means it only seems fun when you're 'high' and that Ebbe ran a phone sex operation.

c'mon, get with it "reporter".

sirhc deSantis

Although I realise HiFi is, at most, alpha (hell, I get the updates and read the forums there etc) and even head over to see from time to time, I am not sure its going to even see the light of day in a way worth investing time over before being passed over for the next Big Idea (hihi Coffee and Power coff coff)
While the Lab may well blow it at least can be reasonably sure that *something* will be released that we, the unwashed as it were, can try out.

(As I have no inclination to bother with the FB whatever-it-is-if-ever those are the only two *new* that interest)


Well, it seems like a lot of readers are taking their "interest" from the viewpoint of being SL users.

I think many SL users are hungry for evolution and the only thing that they have to pin their hopes on is Sansar.

Many are watching LL operate behind a locked door and assuming that Sansar is really just a big Christmas Surprise in a box for them because they have been such good boys and girls.

I think SL users are gonna wake up one day and find that there isn't even a Christmas tree, let alone a present.


To me Project Sansar will allow me to bring my account , groups , friends list . most importantly , it will allow me to merge all my acts into one common account that shares inventory across all my accounts . I will go with what was said in the very beginning before the backlash & backtracking by his staff . " It's going to be like Second Life but Better " .

Eddi Haskell

I have been an alpha tester for High Fidelity since the beginning. I will quote Gertrude Stein's famous about Oakland, California "there is no there there". All I have seen is boring content and sub-par graphics that make pre-Windlight Second Life look incredibly advanced-- why would anyone be interested? One more thing -- if Sansar does not allow sex and adult rated sims, and my guess is it will be as vanilla as possible so that it can be acquired by Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Sony or whomever for a ton of cash, it will not be a competitor to Second Life. The joy of Second Life is that you can do whatever the heck you want (up to a limit) without having anyone censor you for weirdness.



Ebbe already said that there will be Adult content on the Sansar platform

it will be tagged as Adult bc thats what the RL laws require. Same how we have GMA tagging in SL now

Eddi Haskell

That is good news irihapeti. What would a virtual world be like unless there are males roleplaying as female hookers with giant chests in virtual brothels using voice morph technology? Many brothel owners on Zindra have assured me that the vast majority of their lady sex workers are males in real life -- it would be a shame to lose this fun SL feature!

metacam oh

I was one of those more interested in HiFi. Personally I think Phillip has more vision and ideas, and I just feel like corporate controlled Linden Lab is just a giant greed machine. Average people who probably got into HiFi like me, even though I do know some coding and other such, probably turned off because of how early in the game it is. Once it progresses more I think people will give it a go

Flashing Merlin

"Is is disinterest or skepticism of High Fidelity - or of Philip?"

For me, the choices Hamlet offered skewed my response. Had the choice been, Which are you more interested in Sansar or High Fidelity? I would have clicked Hi-Fi.

"I'm not that interested in a VR connected virtual world," was the best answer for me, because I spend a lot of time typing chat in group SL discussions, and having goggles on seems like it would only be a nuisance for me, whether in SL, Sansar, Hi-Fi or Open Sim. I expect VR goggles will most appeal to players who love first person mayhem games, where typing chat is not an issue.

I check into Hi-Fi now and then, but seeing it's still in such an alpha state, I don't hang there. Yes, it desperately needs human avatars, but I assume enterprising builders will eventually be selling them, and I'll being buying at least one, and then hanging out there more.

Judging from the comments above, it seems Ebbe made the right call by not having an open alpha, but instead inviting builders first, so when SL folks do get to see it, there will already be avatars, etc. there to buy.

zz bottom

I still think that a VW like sl or open sim will still be the edge for a few years and i really don't wish to move to any else that is connected be by PR or LL.
if any i would do is go back to the games i used to play before sl.

Ai Austn

Second Life and a metaverse of hypergrid connected OpenSim grids looks more and more attractive and have many aspects I would like to see in a virtual world accessible via VR HMDs and with improving interface devices. Most importantly they present a single instance shared space with social features.... the potential for unified avatar appearance, multiple personalities with shared inventory... and presence indication... and gateways to specialised experiences through that shared social space. The current early experimental CtrlAltStudio and Linden Labs Oculus Rift with some novel input device viewers are already passably usable. This is already WAY ahead of what seems to be coming along with separate experences and limited social and user connectivity. If only SL and OpenSim had continued with the earlier experiments to link them... we would be 50% of the way there :-)


Good day Eddi . A member forwarded your comments to a group chat , Fyi . Your comments come across as hurtful , while it seems to be using the maturity rating comments to bash the LGBT community , If not then to others it might seem that way , please if you can try to be more considerate of those who might be in transition to the life they are living online , 2life is a very diverse environment with room for everyone . Thanks Jennifer- Giggles LGBT community welcome coordinator .

Fyi Certainly not believing that myself was your intention while others might see them at face value, anytime we speak in conversation publicly we also represent 2life to the public also per those outside looking in.

Who cares but u

were not at giggles, if you feel that passionaly just contact him inworld while sparing the rest of us political correctness LoL

Amanda Dallin

The lower interest in Hi Fidelity is apparent from the lack of comments on the slightly earlier article about an update to Hi Fi.

Another Point

Another point everybody here is overlooking.

There is only a certain amount of you.

When there are 3000 of you in Second Life now and you spread out in these other worlds in the next years you will all be living in ghost towns.

There are not enough people to populate all these platforms period.

So 100 of these platforms will come and 99 will go bust and 1 will dominate and then people will all be in that one platform.

The risk involved for you is you go to such a platform to create and spend loads of time on it but it never materializes.

Sansar can go bust, High Fidelity can go bust, with Second Life you know what you have.

Initial hype will exist for Sansar but what after 3 months when the new toy is no longer the shiny new toy.

Have you people ever noticed how clubs work in the real world. New club BeatBar opens the doors with a spiffy DJ, the crowds flock all over to BeatBar, the other clubs in town have almost no traffic. BeatBar is raking it in and is ultimate popular with their concept. After 4 months ClubGiga opens the doors in town, the crowds all move to ClubGiga.

BeatBar is now in a position where it needs to fire workers, dancers, DJ's and almost cannot afford their rent anymore.

Do you want to just hop to these new places just because they offer a new shiny? People did that with CloudParty and boy are some of them pissed because of all their wasted time.

New worlds form a risk, I expect 100 worlds to come in the next years and have no clue which one or which ones will become a valid option.

I am not putting work in High Fidelity until they have a concurrency of 5000 people at the same time on their network.

Same for any other world, with Sansar I expect a small hype and than decline simply because there will not be enough people to fill it.


@ Another Point.

1/2 million ACTIVE Blockworlds users with 2 million of friends brought along
10 million that signed up for Desura.
55 million current & former residents.
190 million customer list the last CEO brought with him from EA .
1/4 million from all other closed projects
370 million who fit the direct marketing targeted demographics.

millions of possible education & business sign-ups if the product exceeds expectations .
Around a half a billion people will try Sansar over a four-year period with scale-ability, robust advancing feature sets the most crucial aspects of success,
rich user features,ease of access & fast track learning a must not an option.

Regardless of what others think with linden lab trying its hardest turning 2ndlife around it becomes a use case for efficiency,customer service & marketing experimentation all while better for comparison once Sansar is under full operations.

You might be like others & think linden lab does not know its customers. you would be surprised when it really is other way around.

Another Point

@ Resident

Second Life has been in the media for several years at prime time news. Second Life has been blogged and covered by online press and hyped for several years.

This gave as a result 40 million accounts have been made (not even all of them ever signed in to the grid).

40 million accounts in 12 years time.

and you believe 500 million people will try out Sansar in the next 4 years?

Let me spell this out for you: NO

When Linden gets 4 million accounts (new accounts not the ones ported over by Second Life residents) in 4 years that would be a huge success for Linden.

There is a demographic of 300 million online gamers in the entire world. If Linden Lab can cover 1% of them which I doubt, that would be a huge score.

Half a million 8 year olds do not pay the bills. If you build a game for cats and every cat in the world is a huge fan you are screwed because cats have no money last time I checked.

Another Point

Quote by @Resident

"linden lab trying its hardest turning 2ndlife around it becomes a use case for efficiency,customer service & marketing "

Stop writing stuff like that it's so wrong it is making me laugh so hard.

Stop writing things like that ok.


@ Another Point

Lots of people scared of the future & lots of Linden Lab haters from the past who would die to see Project Sansar go mainstream.

Let me guess your based out off an open sim grid?
G-mod?..harry is that you?

What can they do? go to sites like this driving up panic,creating negativity.

As Ebbe has stated second life is a success with 26,000 regions while close to 50k average logged in. it fills a niche market and that's not a bad thing as Autodesk & Dievanart are niche markets that operate very well.

I can be very critical of linden lab sometimes very harsh but until you can show me were ebbe has lied about anything or proof of conspiracy then I'll write several of you off as shills for outside interests.

You want to highlight all the bad things the lab has done then go back & confront Rod or Philip when they had leadership over linden lab back then..right now its all new management with a new dedication for the community and has been for 2 yrs..show me a huge f*ck-up ebbe has committed?
not old news from years ago or a land business model that's going to be very hard to move away from..that's not his doing while he has stated
he would have done things different.

Ebbe has done nothing but engage the community while doing everything he could to fix bad mistakes in the past.

While i am still angry with a lack on mainland rehab i refuse to set on a forum vilifying linden lab.

Wagner James Au

"it fills a niche market and that's not a bad thing as Autodesk & Dievanart are niche markets that operate very well."

If you mean Deviant Art, it's actually massive, one of the largest sites in the world, getting over 100M visits a month: http://www.similarweb.com/website/deviantart.com#overview


@ Wagner James Au

To clarify what i meant was the founders there had hoped it became more mainstream at the time but never did..the tech was not there mirroring the troubles of 2ndlifes platform.

I always seen it as a sorta 2D 2ndlife that filled a niche no one really knew was needed until it became popular.


@Another Point

"There is a demographic of 300 million online gamers in the entire world. If Linden Lab can cover 1% of them which I doubt, that would be a huge score."

They just need to reestablish market areas past management pulled out of overseas while ensuring ensure the viewer will not be as language dependent as the current one in the 2ndlife platform it really comes down to small but smart detail management for user experience .
It's not about getting them in the door but productive retention methods in place that wants them to return.expecting customer needs before they do is a winning strategy and ebbe brings to the table a focus on quality & detail.

Its all just us roleplaying dionne warwick & the psychic friends network here.
it was fun while it lasted-_-


I just wonder what it will cost in Sansar will to upload and some place to have..... LL will need income to pay al this. Another point, what for application will be supported to create something and how good has the knowledge to be to upload something. Will that be only for exclusive builders who can pay it all? We have seen what will happen.

I think sansar will not be for the average builder, maybe for an average visitor, but then w eget again the discussion. what will it al cost and who is willing to pay for it.


Estelle Pienaar

Hi-Fi is the most expensive and most exclusive (Philip Rosedale & friends) sandbox ever. Other people can go there and watch what Philip is playing on lately. It's interesting but not appealing as a platform for myself...

SuezanneC Baskerville

just because some of you had a bad experience or did not get the toys you wanted from daddy Philip does not mean the rest of us are not satisfied . the lindens have the rights to do whatever they want outside secondly , if that means offering more things then Blocksworld then that's perfect , it allows those benefits to creep down into SL at some point if they do great in Sansar they might at some point lower land costs of SL again benefiting from other things they are doing .
this bitching has been going on as long as the grids been around with most of it based on fear ,not factual events.fear mongering-
SL could not be better for myself and everyone i know says these are the best times they ever had.


To Eddi Haskell

♥Hey Eddie we look forward to High Fidelity with all the devices not too many fake women will be in it,

We feel your pain regarding the "chicks w/ kickstands" its a violation against real women that attacks the boundaries of traditional marriage,
If one of them comes to our sim they are ejected if they return then we go after them, alts an any business that gets in our way and so far in 3yrs we forced over 160 to quit sl, they are shredded, eaten, and ejected,
send your wife over when your not online we have over 4000 members to protect her from "those people".
IM me with her name & her philosophy regarding shemales,our Group Charter & purpose is to share information about shemales in SL and discuss how to rid of groups & sims of them.
Members here SHARE names & info easily as ALL can post Group Notices to all OTHER members . then if she believes in the true way.she will be more then welcome.

High Fidelity will fix it.

Linda Latte
Girltown: A FREE Home For GIRLS !!

Concerned Resident

Ebbe Altberg will be the guy that destroyed Second Life

Look at Hamlet his chart, people will go to all kinds of worlds and Second Life will become more empty than it has ever been.

What is pitty of all the work people put into the place. I feel sorrow because Second Life could have been a great place for 40 years or more if it had been updated.

Instead of one big world there will be 12 smaller ones, maybe more.

Ebbe you suck

Adeon Writer

> Many are watching LL operate behind a locked door and assuming that Sansar is really just a big Christmas Surprise in a box for them because they have been such good boys and girls.

> I think SL users are gonna wake up one day and find that there isn't even a Christmas tree, let alone a present.

I'm in 100% agreement. However, as a SL User who is hungry for some evolution, Sansar is the safest bet right now to invest any sort of hope/hype in.

It's something Ebbe has flat out promised will be "Second Life, but better." - I never saw High Fidelity make that claim. It's all us outsiders have to go on right now.

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