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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


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Carlos Loff

Watched the video, what is being done hete that could not be done on SL in 2007 ???

sirhc deSantis

Carlos - well for one thing, in theory, it gives millions of people with an already existing account with a picture attached (can't quite remember the name of it) an easy way to enter a visual space without faffing around with viewers, rifts or installing stuff. What possible use any social network company would see in it escapes me....

Carlos Loff

You have a point there but that is not the way to go - Part of the attractiveness of Virtual Reality is the Avatar effect and realistic features - The viewers and Lag problem shall noy be fixed by lowering features and levelling at tht botyom it shall be fixed by improving features and levelling thowards the tops

Flashing Merlin

Perhaps it will be useful for, "applications like architecture and industrial design," but it makes me realize how important humanoid avatars are for me to want to get involved in a virtual world. Did not at all, "feel a strong sense of presence and human connection with another person" in that VR world, and would not be interested in pursuing Immerse Collaborative.

Carlos Loff

I would not get hocked on any architectural building if the way I could get into it would be with these clumsy Avatars, it would be a real torn off from any Architect - I would want to climb the stairs, open the doors, test the sofas and swim at the pool

Conifer Dada

As a way of getting lots of people to experience a walk-through of a building design or a walk-round of a car or boat, it might be a good idea. But I can't see it having much appeal for social interaction!

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