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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


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Linda Evans

For the first time since 2008 the Second Life grid did go below 25000 regions which is a milestone.

CEO Altberg does in fact increase the loss in regions since his appointment instead of reducing the decline in regions on the grid.

Thanks to Ciaran Laval to bring these stats forward

09/11/2014 – Total Private Regions 18,735. Year to date loss of 538 private regions (-2.8%)
08/11/2015 – Total Private Regions 17,888. Year to date loss of 712 private regions (-3.8%)

Ben & Jerrys Bagel Shops LLC. Copyright 2011

Dear Ebbe Linden Many Residents did not want your Project Sansar that will be the WordPress of VR-Worlds , we want a 2nd life 2.0 that has a mainland with most of the current success factors carried over + all the bugs worked out with an updated LSL Engine + Up to date Havok Physics . Project Sansar is your dream Ebbe while the rest of us want the extension , improvement , & continuation of the dream left to us by Philip Rosedale.

This is you & guess what we do not want this so please commission a 2nd project to port 2nd life to upgraded software leaving our world intact.many would give all the old prims & sculpts UP for a new 2nd life but not your WordPress of VR-Worlds.

Please give 2nd life a real second life!


What I think will happen:

-Linden Labs doesn't care about SL anymore. Can you think of a time you got a new thing and you still cared about the old thing?

-SL is going to die anyway so it doesn't matter. People have created AMAZING things in SL, but the platform has and still sucks.

-Linden Labs is going to fuck up Sansar.

-High Fidelity is going to fail because the barrier to entry is monstrously high.

-VR is not going to go mainstream because it has no mainstream use case.

-AR will become mainstream, but only when AR headsets looks like ordinary sunglasses.

-The metaverse as it exists in Snowcrash will never exist because it is stupid idea. Great science fiction, but no consideration for how computers actually work.

-The most likely place a for a metaverse-like thing to exist will be the web, running in browsers. Almost for no other reason than it will be universally accessible.

-I am the nayest of sayers.


Linden Labs needs to save it's ship.

I predict that Ebbe Altberg will be the Carly Fiorina of LL. They need a quick intervention.

If they truly have any fruits from their Sansar development, which I highly doubt, they need to redirect it back to focus on SL.

It's insane to fail your foundation and expect trust and confidence in uncharted territory. SL is the place for imagination and dreaming, the LL profit & loss statements aren't.

Save the dreaming for tomorrow, there is serious business today.

Clean Him Up

If VR catches on, and that is a big IF, from what I am seeing in the press and with the public sentiment.

IF VR catches on it will take minimum 5 years. That is 5 years until Sansar would make some sort of revenue worth mentioning. By that time there will be many VR platforms around so competition will be fierce.

Do not forget that in 5 years Sansar which might be high tech today (if that is the case) will already be a bit dated by then.

Now with Altberg his way of doing things Second Life will not remain profitable for Linden Lab the next 5 years. The decline is too steep.

At the moment Anshe Chung is listing full sims for 12000 Linden Dollar per week rent.

That is a tier of 203 US$ per month for a full sim while Linden Lab is charging 300 US$ for a sim and 1000 US$ to buy that sim.

You see how horrible the situation is. Linden Lab their friends need to offer sims at the price they receive with their shady discounts in tier because nobody comes to buy their land even at those prices.

This is all the result of CEO Altberg. That is why people come in here to complain week after week.

The management at Linden Lab sucks balls like there is no tomorrow.

What Linden needs is a good clean up, Altberg, the doggies, the staff who does not like to be tired. They all need to be replaced asap.

Linden if they have more than 2 brain cells should use their new tech to update Second Life if they want to remain in business in the next years.

Angery Resident

@Ben & Jerrys Bagel Shops

Project Sansar the WordPress of VR-Worlds ? Wut that does not sound like 'in the spirit of Second Life ' it sounds like someone playing games with the residents heads .

If Project Sansar is not the next second life then they need to build a Secondlife2 .

This new grid is not a replacement of second life then builds one that is .

any new place were you have to build in a 3d program is not in the spirit of second life.
Why after 2 years Ebbe no updated prim build tools ? because you're a lire who plans on killing second life slowly to lesion the closure liability.

You say they both will run side by side but you know that's a lie i seen your early statements before you backtracked them while the host deleted them.

Humperton DiAngelo

I must concur with @Angry Resident above

More and more people now start to see what Linden Lab is doing and calling them flat out liars.

Prokofy Neva wrote an interesting question on the Second Life forums in the Ask the CEO thread where she poses the following question to Ebbe Altberg.

Prokofy asks about more clarity regarding rumors about the mainland continents. Word is that Linden will close one or several of the mainland continents because so much land is vacant there.

I did notice on exploring the Linden mainland that there were sims where Governor Linden already removed Linden roads on the sims in a deserted area.


CEO Altberg did state in public that he would hope that residents would migrate to the new Linden Lab platform once that platform was ready. Sansar or Scamsar as some call it will be like Second Life but better according to CEO Altberg.

And yes CEO Altberg did suddenly make a 180 degree turn on that statement telling people that Linden Lab would keep running both platforms in tandem after the original outburst by residents on the firestorm blogs and the Linden forums.

CEO Altberg made huge blunders and should take responsibility for the damage he has caused. The biggest damage he is doing so far is hitting Linden Lab directly in their pockets by making their profits evaporate.


Who said there won't be inworld tools in Sansar? Even high end game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine come with some sort of integrated, collaborative editor to place mesh components, terraform and manage scripts and assets, Sansar will be no different...
There won't be prims, most likely, but any possible prim shape can be made as a mesh, just in SL there's that strict separation between something being either mesh or prims... I expect Sansar will heavily focus on building from such components, much like Lego bricks, and if there's an actual demand for them, people will make them.
That aside, if people stopped whining here and started actually learning, they would realize that everything that can be done in prims could be learned in Blender with just a few days of serious commitment.
How could LL justify investing in improving prim building tools? How would the platform benefit from it? No matter how good they would be, mesh content would still win, because Blender and Maya have decades of advantage in developing powerful tools.
SL has been a constructive total loss for years, already, you should ask yourself, honestly, which changes could LL potentially make to make SL attractive to new audiences or increase their profits. History tells, whatever they did, it has not made any difference. They could as well leave everything as it is, today...

Just my 0.02L$...

Jessica Pixel

I don't think VR needs to become mainstream. I think there will always be a high barrier of entry and VR will only be for the truly dedicated. Consumer VR will be a niche, but like Second Life, it will be a big enough niche for you to find people that are also interested in it and hang out with them and chat about VR (and other niche interests), but you still won't be able to chat with the person in front of you in the line at Starbucks about VR (unless you live in Silicon Valley or something).

I think once HMDs can be purchased by consumers, there might be a small upswing in interest, and the tech will get better, but it will stay niche. Kind of like people that put those light bulbs in their house that can be controlled over the internet via an app on their phone. There will even be a few major brands. But most people in a store aren't going to do more than check out the display, think 'huh, it's that funny' and move on to look at cellphone cases.

I'm looking forward to following the VR trends in 2016, even if it doesn't turn into a mainstream thing.

Between the lines of fear and blame

@Wolkenreiter They have done nothing to or for the mainlands for over a half a decade . Try they tried nothing in the last three CEO's 1 . How about converting all the roads & bridges to mesh . 2 . Retexture the land with attractive modern ground textures . 3 . Add Autumn & Spring textures regions . 4 . Move the adult mainland near Sansara while merging the 3 smallest mainlands with it . 5 . Build a bridge between old adult mainland & Sansara while ending the unneeded segregation

6 Allow private Regions to connect to mainlands 7 . Move linden homes connecting those regions to the mainlands 8 . Premium membership you get 1024 land stipend 9 . Drop tier 10% across the board . 10 . Help private groups of revitalization plans for the mainlands helping to restore perceived value . 11 . Converting large abandoned areas into themed communities 12 . Hire more moles 12B. offer nations in world embassies again.

13 . Ask the communities help in ideas , volunteers , content donations for the effort (not thru back channels but address residents direct )

14 . " Project God Hand " a 100 point plan for reviving the mainlands through community involvement & mainland redevelopment while restoring residence confidence in the platforms future . 15 . Linden Lab making an effort .

@ @Wolkenreiter this is just tips the tip of Altburg Iceburg . they cannot create a new platform while letting the old one rot to the bone . Who will go to Sansar when they basically murdered second life ?

Your going on 3yrs while for me this will be my 13th year being one of the 20 top oldest resident so please try to understand my views are from experience.so see it more then a flyby opinion or only see it your way.


It comes down to the costs of sims -- and that is what has slowly killed SL -- it's simply too expensive to own land and without having enough land and prims/LI to play with, why bother?

LL still gives you the tiniest bit of land with barely enough prims to rez a tiny house with a premium membership and that simply doesn't fly anymore. LL should be offering something far more substantial for a paid membership and customer loyalty. Like an 1/8th of a sim and 3000+ prims/LI. And give free accounts the 512 parcel with 100 or so prims so they can start with something.

People will then have more incentive to sign up for the premium membership, build and create content, buy merchandise, engage in more activities, etc. Which in turn generates more $$ for LL.

If homesteads were 50 USD/month with a one time 25 USD set up fee, I would bet dollars to donuts that there would be a resurgence in SL users, even as rickety as the infrastructure still is. SL now has competition with Open Sim grids which have affordable land/sims. And that's another of the reasons for the exodus of SL users. You can go to other grids and get a lot more bang for you buck.

Beside the land issues, LL also needs to stop treating SL like a stepchild and put a lot more effort into fixing SL bugs and making improvements.

SL is an established brand and has a low barrier entry for users and content creators. There is no guarantee that SANSAR will be able to compete with that no matter how shiny and pretty and new it is -- especially if the barrier is raised to the point that will send a significant number of SL users heading for OS grids.

As long as SL is still generating money - which SANSAR is definitely not - LL has an obligation to it users who fork over $$$ to continue to work on the SL platform's performance issues and create more incentives for people to want to stay or return or come to SL at all.

By continuing to work with SL residents and fostering better customer loyalty, LL will not only retain but can expand it's user base in SL which means more people who may be interested in moving over to SANSAR.


My excursion to virtual London sims today which should be one of the most prestigious locations on the grid. They are featured on the destination guide all the time and have big traffic.

I went to look, when I arrived I checked the visitors, half of them were freeloaders without any payment info and half of them did have payment info on file or in use.

The lag was horrible because of the 50 visitors and all the mesh. I did float like in 2008 half of the time and I do have lots of ram and a high end graphics card.

Half the avatars did not render properly and I had to stop and wait and wait and wait before it would all rez.

The sim itself is well made, lots of effort is being made on it by the owners and creators. However the place itself is store after store after store. It is like a big shopping mall, if your hobby is shopping you will enjoy that type of thing.

What did strike me were the amount of cocks and dicks I saw.

I went into a club and found two muscle gay guys in their underpants. Then I found a store with a completely naked guy posing in the store window (these are mature sims so it violates TOS as the content was clearly Adult).

I did see about 4 stores selling genitals, nipple piercings, and porn stuff.

Linden Lab is using these sims to display what Second Life is about.

So that would be:

1. Demonstration how laggy it is
2. Demonstration that there is not much to do except shop and shop and buy stuff
3. Demonstrating you can have genitals and all kinds of kinky stuff and porn, dicks and sex is around and plenty of it.

I then made another attempt to enter a building. I was alone in the place which appeared to be a small dance club. In the corner was a completely naked muscle guy with a big dick dancing at a pole.

So iew I had seen enough. Virtual Londen the gay shopping plaza and that should be the best place in Second Life

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