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Thursday, November 05, 2015


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Well i am excited. The graphics looks up to date but the most important thing. Can i do moving spaceships that work? That would be something.

zz bottom

Not enough for me to change from second life.

Adeon Writer

I've heard they've done their own rendering engine. If that's true, then the specs I see there show me it will at minimum have the graphic evolution we've needed in SL for a long time.

Of course, that won't mean it will be an adequate new home, but it's nice to know it didn't remove the posibility entirely, either.

Carlos Loff

Too much generic, if you watch SL classic presentation video it shows avatars arriving on a home and shaking hands and although it can be done with poseballs and animations we all know your avatar does not just arrive somewher snd shakes hands with whoever shows up - So this video can be very missleading - We need to see viewer building tools and Avatars interaction


They should call it 'Project Scamyall".


I agree with the half-hearted clapping of the audience as they open their beautiful empty gift bag.

Okay kids, let's go get some ice cream.

Jessica Pixel

This video of a video does not get me excited for Sansar.

I don't think LL needs to show us how Sansar looks, because it will look good. It's hard for modern games to not look good, and LL is trying hard to make sure only quality content comes in.

They need to show us how it works: how do you create, how do you chat, how do move between experiences, how is Sansar different from SL and other VR platforms that are around right now. A video of some people moving their arms as they chat and some ships flying around doesn't differentiate their game from any others.

I am very excited for Sansar, but this video feels like a waste.

Cube Republic

Looks great, can't wait to give it a shot.

Humperton DiAngelo

Well Linden Lab has like 2 months before they will need to go into beta and open up. So much is coming in 2016 they are forced to get ready.

About the video, an average Second Life creator or visitor has absolutely nowhere near the knowledge or talent to build those type of scenes so what is the point.

Want that? Go to Destiny it will beat Sansar in terms of content, graphics and experience, Destiny did cost 500 million Dollars to make so you can expect quality for that price tag.

I see another Blue Mars, not only based on this video but in the overal context.

I am wondering to WHO Linden Lab is going to sell this.

If I want to build such a scene or scenes I download the Unreal engine for FREE and export it as HTML5 or as a game client.

I think this will be a bubble that will pop after 6 months.


@ Joe.

Don't like SL? Leave. Don't like the look of Sansar? Don't join it. Nobody's holding a gun to your head (though I'm beginning to wish they would.)

Think clearly, et cetera...


It has been said before, Linden Lab doesn't have the talent to create a state of the art platform. The Lindens who are working there now aren't the same talent the lab used to have back in 2005.

Linden just hired 50 developers a year ago and then started to work on their new platform. It will be a new virtual world but nothing amazing. Did you hear ohh and ahh from the audience? No you didn't.

Also it would be incredible difficult to impress gamers. Do you know how spoiled gamers are these days in terms of graphics and content?

This is the platform that will last decades? Dude it looks like something from the year 2010. You think people will come and put in thousands of Dollars like they did in Second Life in this?

Ow yeah and this will become tax land? 5% tax on every transaction right?

I will go to take a look, like many will go to take a look. I might become a freeloader in Sansar.

Shockwave Yareach

Anyone who would be interested in Sansar is either a user of SL, or used to be a user of SL. And even if LL somehow finds a group that has not been interested enough in VR to actually enter VR, presumably they lived on a remote island until winning a lottery, word about the labs gross incompetence and inability to follow a contract WILL reach their ears. And nobody with serious interest in VR will be partake in yet another bad idea from LL.

I'm all for creating a new version of SL. The list of bugs and faults has not shrunk in ten years time while computing power is dozens of times greater. But there must be a single world, or you are splitting the customers too thin for either to survive. And telling everyone who has spent thousands to simply abandon everything and come do it again in the new place, doesn't win any business. No program that tossed out backwards compatibility has survived. SAnsar will be no different.


Yo Yardly posted some pics



Looks like Blue Mars


Linden Lab won't be able to do better than what is already out there.

Instead of spaceships they should use flying dicks that scream Anshe Anshe as they swirl around.

Metacam Oh

Looks good so far but it is going to be 400 bucks for a plot of land, is LL going to own everything, control everything, monopolize everything? A lot of went wrong with SL had nothing to do with the actual SL software but more the company and policies governing it.


Check this:


now check this:


It kinda looks like Linden Lab did copy a successful game scene.

Cube Republic

flying over the Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic image, they're from San Fran, go figure

Dartagan Shepherd

By the time they get around to basic information like how, how much, and when instead of playing hard to get, half their market will be suffering from Sansar fatigue.

Tesla Miles

Seriously what did you expect, it does state that this is a PRE-ALPHA demo - they're showing us the rendering engine - which doesn't look bad as it hints at bloom lighting and reflection mapping, suggesting no more need for baking reflections in Sansar.

zz bottom

What did i expect?
That a company that has only one font of revenue worth calling would care more about those using it then pursuing any dreams that each Ceo has!

Jo Yardley

I'm a Linden Lab Fan?
You should read my blog and listen to our podcast more often.

@Metacam we already know land is going to be a LOT cheaper in Sansar.

It kinda looks like Linden Lab just rebuild Golden Gate Bridge.

Cube Republic

simple answer for those complaining is for them not to sign up and save themselves further stress.

metacam oh

Did they say how much land will be Jo? Even significantly cheaper than SL could still be a lot. I'm not paying 100 a month for virtual land

Gioca Serpentarium

Well let me tell you one thing.

When there will be land for sale in Scamsar you can be sure that good old Ebbe will already have sold 500 sims under the table at half price to Anshe Chung so she can continue her empire.

Jo Yardley

@metacam, no alas, we're not sure how much the land will cost, I doubt Linden Lab even knows at this stage.
But Ebbe has said that they are going to change the entire financial system and they want to make land cheap and try and make their income from sales taxes.
Also land will be bigger and we'll probably get a lot more prims/landimpact, or so it seems.


Everything about Sansar remains very strange. You'd think that a company developing a new product would care about the future of their existing customers.

Nope. This teaser doesn't do anything to intentionally excite SL users. Just leaves them scratching their heads and attempting to fill in cracks the size of the Grand Canyon.

At this point, I choose to fill in the cracks believing that the reason info is so scarce about Sansar isn't because it's so groundbreaking that LL is afraid to share it's pot of gold.

I think LL is bluffing, sweating, and hoping their luck starts getting better real soon. Nothing they've done makes me think they have anything in the cards.


Well after taking a few weeks out of SL to ease my withdraws from game addiction.
both my regions on the mainland are sold(bots snagged them both)
after 9 years will i no longer support 2nd life as it no longer supports me.

Had linden lab built a 2nd Life 2.0 like residents wanted then i can see a bright future but after looking over this article i only see a road to disappointment not something "Like Second Life but Better"


Good luck with your online lives & this Project Sansar.


Sometimes this blog seems to be the melting pot of all crybabies on the web. The interesting thing here is not the news, but the commenters with their mission "Let's fight against Linden Lab". And they really do not shy away from any nonsense, while they pursue their mission. Respect for so much courage to ridicule. :)


To those who tell me to "leave SL" and to "not join Project Scamyall", my answer is "done" and "done"

I just like to come here sometimes cuz it's like going to a zoo filled with endangered animals but just more sadder in a funny way.


Linda Evans

Well from what I've see from mister Altberg his casino aka games of skills introduction is that this man is a huge bluffer, so if that tells anything about his upcoming new world one should better brace themselves on what to expect.

People should not look strange about the large tone of negativity towards this Linden Lab company as this company has done nothing but betray and ignore its customers over the years. People do not get angry like this without a reason. It is not just this blog, check Twitter where it rains negativitiy towards Linden Lab day in day out.

It is very hard to ignore when a company has thousands of angry customers, they won't keep quiet after what Linden Lab has done to them.


what I see in the vid is what was promised

like SL but better

the graphics are better by far

the movement of the ship is silky smooth

and the avatar standing at the controls of the ship. If that avatar is freestanding and is leaning into the movement of the ship then that's better. Way better

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