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Monday, November 02, 2015


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Can't do much with 10 second sound limitations all those other valid reasons aside.


You can do a lot more than people realise although it is complex and takes a lot of planning. I have tutored builds that were able to assemble entire sound sequences, including spoken word, quite effectively! It does mean it takes a level of effort that when balanced against how many people will experience it becomes hard to justify. Those examples were built as design set pieces where the builder made a deliberate choice to try and incorporate sound. When attempted the effect can be very powerful in part because the rest of the virtual world is so often silent.


Sound is super important. What would a game or film be without it. Maybe Sansar fixes the problem.

Canary Beck

Come visit me at Basilique and you'll find much of the ambience to be rich with sound, from the sounds of people milling about in the cafe, to dogs barking in the alleyways, to birds squawking near the piers and docks, to the sounds of water crashing against the docks, and nature sounds in the park and pond. It makes a massive difference, and many visitors comment on how realistic it all feels, sometimes mentioning the sound specifically.

Adeon Writer

Audio is one of the biggest ways to draw people into a world and make it feel real, but it's always neglected in SL - I blame the really bad early attempts, as well as very little audio content purchasable, and very awful freebies that got distrubted very early on.

Second Life also doesn't allow you to adjust how much an individual sound tapers with distance or easily define the area in which it can be heard, which is mandatory for a good soundscape - otherwise you'll just be hearing everything at once.

If you don't play with SL muted, you've surely heard their awful excuse for "fountain water" that is high pitched white noise, or the 10 second loop of bird chirping played ad nausem.

There was no reason it had to be bad, it was just bad.

Trep Cosmo

SecondLife has a severe lack of audio because LL is shit at their jobs. SL is dead as a creative space. It's nothing but a virtual marketplace selling the same ripped goods over and over again.

There are bugs from 2009 and earlier in the sound system that are unresolved and even laughed at in chat logs by the Lindens.

The wiki is a joke, Jira is a joke, SL is a joke, and LL is the biggest joke of all.

And yes, I'm old as dirt in this space. I know the ins and outs of SL. But SL is a lost cause. It cannot be fixed. The reason they say SL won't be ignored for Sansar is because they've already been ignoring the truly creative users for over a decade.

And yes, I'm writing this as I'm fighting the busted system, a birthday gift I'm attempting to code will not live up to the vision because the sound system can't even do what is advertised. SL doesn't have sound because of "voice". It doesn't have sound because sound has not made LL money like pixel clothing.

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