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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


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Saffia Widdershins

Second Life is an elephant inspected by the blindfolded.

You feel the tail and cry, "It's a rope!" (It's about hanging out with friends, playing games and visiting cool places)

You feel the trunk and cry, "It's a snake!" (It's all about sex!)

You feel the leg and cry, "It's a pillar!" (It's all about dressing up, going to clubs and listening to cool music with friends)

You feel the belly and cry, "It's a wall!" (It's all about support groups for your particular issue; for raising awareness and/or funds for nonprofits)

You feel the tusk and cry, "It's a spear!" (It's all about the roleplay)

You feel the ear and cry, "It's a fan!" (It's all about the art!)

In fact there are more people with more diverse ways of enjoying Second Life that there are wrinkles on the hide of the elephant. One of the joys of doing Designing Worlds is that we discover new ones all the time. Some people's Second Lives will focus on one thing, many people's will overlap a range of areas (Pooky Amsterdam's great video A Year in the Life - Second Life - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgNcTxgCMLQ - illustrates this to perfection.

It's why the Second Life Birthday events are so good - you can find people sharing their passions there. There are dressage competitions in Second Life? You can play golf? You can hunt kraken?

Yes, you can. And you can sail, and swim with dolphins, and surf, and fly World War 2 fighter plans, or skim over the surface of deserts on marvellous flying yachts. Or be an elf, a dragon, a vampire lord, a mobster or a small cute cat. You can have a dragon (a small one) on your shoulder, a manticore pacing at your side or a cat in your arms.

No, no-one can show the entirety of Second Life in just over three minutes (although Luca has an eloquent and elegant try). But then, we haven't managed to do it in over 290 Designing Worlds episodes, most running at around 45 minutes.

Ain't going to stop us trying, though!


7 comments on reddit? Slow day? I feel a hysterical outburst about pixelsex coming soon.

Indigo Mertel

My answer to that comment?

Fine. Do it!

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