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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


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Jessica Pixel

I do not have the money for even the new, lower setup fees and monthly tier. Owning land in SL is a very expensive hobby.

I have all the free land I could ever want in OpenSim.


It's the TIER. Make an entire sim $25 a month and I'd own one.

As my dad joked when asked about how expensive his new car was, he said "downpayment wasn't bad. It's that 'from now on' I don't understand."


When your target is desperate let it panic for a while until it breaks down completely.

The best thing to do is wait until Sansar is open for a couple of months and Linden notices there is little interest. Then they will fire Altberg and put a new guy in charge. Then the new guy will bend over backwards to get customers by making huge drops in tier.

Let Linden liquidate 75% of their staff first which is their biggest cost.

Think about this for a moment. Altberg hired a lot of staff, more than 200 Lindens in staff at the moment, a huge cost to them. Altberg told customers of Second Life to get stuffed and did bet everything on Sansar.

When Sansar does not get traction which is more than likely Altberg will be the first thing they will remove. But since Second Life has been put on low maintenance with only 5 guys working on it Linden does not need 150 of their staff, they can manage Second Life with a couple of dozen. This will free up a large amount of capital which Linden can then use to reduce tier.

25 Dollar homestead
99 Dollar full sim

Linden Lab did treat their customers in a borderline legal and very agressive manner. Now Linden Lab will have to pay the bill for that.

Phonesex Ebbe

Me thinks that by now Ebbe wishes he never left his old job at the phonesex line.


It's the least LL could do for it's customers.

The very least.

If you're not prepared to realistically meet the needs of your customers and take a good hard look at the value and fairness of your business, then don't do anything.

Why draw attention to your failings with the flap of a hand and a lame attempt to whitewash a giant turd?

Adeon Writer

I'd buy a full region at a bigger discount, but it'd have to be something like the total removal of set-up fees and something like 30 bucks a month tops.

Then I'd get one, sure.

metacam oh

I selected less likely, mostly because the discounts are insulting. It's like if you were going to charge me 2 million for a cheeseburger and then said you know what, only 1 million


I rant about LL a lot. I'm currently having a mainland billing issue with a parcel I sold months ago. I keep getting billed for it.

Two months ago, I called support and was assured that I've made the last payment. Today I tried to get the issue resolved through live chat. No response.

I called support and talked to the representative. Explained the situation and she agreed that I am being charged for land that I don't own. She apologized and then informed me that I will be charged again in December and that will be the last time as she has corrected the account.

This is $150.00 that everyone agrees wasn't owed, but I'm still going to have to pay it.

There has never been a heated exchange about this and the customer service rep was kind and sympathetic.

I'm a SL addict, so it's going to take more than a $150.00 loss to push me into rehab. But this is another personal experience that makes me confident that LL future endeavors are going to fail miserably.

You don't magically learn how to care about your customers and be ethical just because you have a new name for your business.

It makes me sad that I accept this.

More news

I just listened to the podcast from Labchat on Draxtor his website. It is revealing. You should listen good at minute 30 of the podcast when Jo Yardley asks the following question:

Jo Yardley: So Ebbe what if Second Life suffers and goes down the drain because people leave to Sansar?

Ebbe Altberg: "Well the cannibalisation effect, hmmm, well all I have to say is that it is better that it is us than somebody else destroying Second Life"

I did consider buying up grandfathered regions myself but after hearing this garbage I will refrain from doing that.

Also how Altberg keeps going on about Sansar

"Sansar is a creative platform for creators to create creative experiences. People will go from one experience to another yada yada "

If I want to create an experience I go to High Fidelity, build it, host it, doesn't cost a dime and there is no Linden garbage I have to put up with.

Skate Foss

How much is Linden Lab spending on Sansar?
The sense I got from listening to LabChat was Sansar is not the panacea Linden Lab wants us to believe. Ebbe almost sounded apologetic talking about it.
If anything, it made me feel more secure about the future of my sim for me and my tenants who live on my island. But the feeling I and obviously others have is that Linden Lab is draining SecondLife the same way Rod Humble drained us to push new products no one wanted. Why does it always seem Linden Lab's goal is to kill Second Life?


I rent a 3x3 (9 sim) VAR region in the hypergrid.
It costs me 20$ per sim with no set up or upload fees and more prims than I can ever use. It has bullet physics and all the other sl goodies plus the bonus of no sim borders to walk through. And it's fast- using the best servers out there.
So why would I ever go back to SL?
BTW the grid owners still run this at a profit.

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