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Thursday, December 17, 2015


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I have seen some people comment that this proves that LL is committed to keeping SL going.

For me, I have seen this kind of rush to get things out before budget-end before with some other companies that wanted to dump what they had been working on for awhile just before the companies themselves went under or they closed/sold off the project (this is in reference to Oz's team pushing the various project viewers through at a seemingly break-neck speed compared to previous years ,combined with this gem of a feature that they must have been holding onto for awhile, while they get all their ducks in a row to make it workable...after making it a big deal just to get the couple of bones they added earlier...and all with a continuously dwindling R&D budget...it should be kind of alarming rather than reaffirming, if your a pessimist of SL's future.)

Yeah, yeah, I know...LL can't win, regardless, with some people...lol.


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could be that this new skeleton bones set is compatible with both SL and Sansar. If so then that would be pretty good

if so then +2 like

P. Gibbs

An actual feature people have been requesting since mesh day 1, pretty good I'd say (still waiting for a way to make rigged NPCs though...)

zz bottom

I see the poor use of materials due to lack of users using advanced light system, i see poor use of 60sec animations, as all still believe the max is 30sec ones.
And none of those improvements break any previous content.
let's really see how many will in fact work on it.

Adeon Writer

If you can please zz bottom, you know you're doing something right.

Amanda Dallin

LL seems to be accomplishing more with a smaller R&D team. Could it be that with fewer people having to approve every change they can get more done faster? Smaller more efficient teams often work better than large ones. I wouldn't doubt a lot of the work their doing is based on work that had been shelved in the past.

pussycat catnap

I am hoping this becomes a way to get fitmesh heads in, as well as animated tails...

And maybe a head that has no ears or has cat ears, so I can finally have an easier time of it as a neko...

I am instead expecting animated male genitalia because well... I've been hearing people bemoan the lack of ability to do that since I got to SL, and now they can...

zz bottom

I don't think they made a specific bone for that, nor for the foot.


Them bones them bones. What IS the tail bone connected to?


This is promising but I wonder if they are doing this for some sort of interoperability between SL and Sansar? Seems like a major overhaul.

Clara Seller

This is welcome news to lots of applause and excitement. I hope it sparks some really interesting development.

SL residents do welcome change when it's good.

zz bottom

Indeed we do and lets hope this will be fully implemented around 1st quarter of 2016

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