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Thursday, December 03, 2015


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It's a funny clip, but, er "never before seen"? Those deleted scenes are from the season 4 DVD that came out in 2008.

Wagner James Au

Um, never seen before *online*, let's say. :)

Pussycat Catnap

The sad fact is that SL came about at a time when it was perfectly positioned to capture gamers, roleplayer, escapists, artists, and others...

- and did. But only a tiny number of those it could have attracted, if it had willingly engaged them instead of chasing a 'fantasy dream' of 'virtual reality as the future of business and education'.

The people in those demographics... IF they were gamers, their niche was met on a grand scale with World of Warcraft. But all the others were never captured by anyone until the rise of things like Instagram...

(Facebook didn't capture them, it captured "everyone" and that dragged them in, but its other forms of social sharing that have captured the people who live to imagine.)

Its a missed opportunity, because the platform has repeatedly not understood what kind of person actually wants some kind of virtual world.

Most people will benefit from "Augmented Reality", but only a certain type will benefit from (or rather desire and enjoy) a virtual world or MMO or MUSH/MUD.

This is not to say this demographic is small. It is a niche, but its a very profitable, and vibrant niche... and SL/LL is not the first time an industry has lost out big because it didn't respect the "niche" of people who live to imagine. Nor will it be the last - every sign I see from LL's competing Virtual World makers is that none of them have learned the lesson of who actually desires a kind of tech that opens up the imagination.

That's not likely to come about until the third or fourth wave of attempts, and the second wave hasn't even gone out to the public yet...

Graham Mills

I reckon the tipping-point was closer to 2007 and the CSI:NY episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-ZmjA7GCzQ. Electric Sheep Company let go a third of its staff just before Christmas that year.

Graham Mills

Derr, The Office was 2007 as well -- memo to self: read blog before responding. However, I think CSI:NY with its inworld component identified limits beyond the "virtual worlds are of no practical use" notion given that this was an entertainment-oriented application.


Hamlet, it's also a not-so-great simulations builder. Pussycat misses that: WoW is fine for gaming, but it's not about UGC.

I think that was the allure for educators. We had a rather clunky toolkit but could make content. I think we expected the ease-of-use and the tools for making stuff to improve as the world grew.

That's why I came. Not for the community thought that was the lasting benefit. It's why so many peers went to Opensim grids or hosted their own. They no longer needed a group of in-world folks to bring in a handful of students for a simulation.

SL is a sandbox game. That's how I describe it now.

Vivienne schell

I suspect Linden strategists still insist on their vision of a RL copy and call it VR (In fact, with Facebook around, there is no demand for a 3D Facebook - Why the hell use an avatar when i can use myself?).

And yeah, if it still were a sandbox game, with better tools and better usability, it would certainly attract more average internet users. Unfortunately it isn´t that anymore.

Seymore Steamweaver

fun episide too.

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