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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


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Is it just me or is Gabe describing Project Sansar? ;)

To me this is exactly what Sansar has the potential of becoming.

In terms of being able to traverse many experiences with your single avatar (or with friends) and to take away from those experiences, so your progress isnt lost for nothing in xx months time.

Imagine SL with next gen graphics, where its cheaper to own land and easier to make high-end content/experiences.

It would still need a high social base (which I think Linden should let developers in mega-early to develop tools for - ready for launch) but would ultimately make money taking cuts from content/experience creators.

Imagine small (or big) game dev teams making first person/third person gaming experiences inside of Sansar. Like a multiplayer shooter where you could not only use your own avatar to participate but also take away cosmetic items earned and continue to wear them anywhere you like.

Youtubers, Twitch streamers and Bloggers could own their own enviroments for their subscribers/followers to join and participate in events or competitions.

Museums or Expos able to offer relatively cost effective VR replications of experiences to users all over the world who would otherwise miss out.

Then theres the possibilty of massive GTA style sims, housing, decor, clothing etc.

Only a few examples but could go on.

I think people underestimate its potential with or without VR if im honest.

It really is a second chance at a second life.

If devs were able to create high quality gaming experiences on the platform, it could be more Sansar less Valve. Maybe.

Dartagan Shepherd

Transalation: We want to implement more of our own monetization schemes so that we can take more money from gamers for ourselves.

Jean-Paul DuQuette

You have to hand it to Steam; from my point of view, they created a service nobody realized they wanted and did it better than giants like EA and Ubisoft. Of course they're in it for the money, but if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be playing video games at 43.


i think Valve are looking at it quite a bit different to how is seen in SL

seems is more that they want to cater for the Player Added Content (PAC) market than User Generated Content (UGC) in itself

is not that UGC isn't a worthwhile market and Valve will provide for this also (as they do now). Is that PAC is a lot bigger market in terms of player participation. Or can be when the host gets it right, by creating a marketplace that is sound, economically speaking


the ability to trade assets won/earned in a game (PAC) can add value to other players. Which quite a few are prepared to pay for. Rares for example, like you mention


PAC also include in-game help from other players as a monetarised added value

gameplay example:

like you in a game in a battle. If the battle goes against you then can lose all your stuff. Which cost you a lot of money (and/or grinding time) to obtain

in PAC can shout out for help. Then some mercs (really good players) will come in and assist you, for which you pay them. A amount less than the replacement cost of what you lose if defeated


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