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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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you have to sign up and download an additional 6 GB, hardly free.

patchouli woollahra

Anon: Even on a paid MMO you still need to download a lot of patches too. Plus the cost of telecoms required to get onto the net and to the servers is virtually unavoidable. Your gripe has been noted and laughed off like a terrible joke.

Also: this game's release is being hit with the regional restrictions endemic to many Korean MMOs. if you're not in the area this version is serving, access to BDO or even the basic avatar creator is not going to happen until a local provider negotiates rights to publish the game in your locale.

Also: they're really trying to push the needle on proving how flexible the avatar creator by holding a contest from 26 Jan to build the fugliest character possible. Whoever wins, we all lose xD

Connie Arida

My effort after playing around for 30mins or so

Connie Arida

Second attempt

Harper Beresford

Harper Grace--that's me, pal ;)

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