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Friday, January 29, 2016


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Real Burger

You should have mentioned that for the purpose of the experiment these are bots and not users. But it's still very impressive.

High Fidelity User

I believe this is going to be the most important feature going and yes hf does hold a lot of users as well this is good progress in every point

Tamar Luminos

It's impressive, yes. But personally, I'm not thrilled with how their avatars look, all cartoony and stuff. I'd have to see some prettier avatars to want to check it out, myself. The models I've seen in their pics so far are seriously underwhelming.

Metacam Oh

impressive but a bit ahead of itself, I cant even load the HiFi interface program without crashing on load up.

zz bottom

I did rezz over 200 npc's in 2011 at osgrid in one of our regions, all at same time (Full avatars=hair, clothes, attachments and so on, rezzed and controlled by scripts) and any passing by our region at the time would be able to see them all.
What a big new, lol.

Han Held

With a good server, you can have about 50 avatars milling about in opensim. They had approximately 100 or so at their conference thingy.

200 fully rezzed in one place has great implications ...regardless of the quality of their avatars. That's a not-bad audience for a bar band, for instance.

It's still in Alpha, isn't it? An open source metaverse platform with capacity for RL audience numbers? This has a lot of potential ..a lot.

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