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Friday, January 29, 2016


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Clara Seller

This Akeruka head is very impressive.

There is a lot of impressive things happening with mesh bodies. My problem is that there is not enough bridges to all of these tiny islands of impressiveness.

When you try to put all of the pieces together, your choices start getting limited and complicated. You're out of luck if your favorite head doesn't match your favorite skin or the skin maker doesn't make or isn't allowed to make an applier to go with your favorite body or your favorite body doesn't fit into your favorite clothing.

I love the advancement, but I miss the days when the customer got to make more simple choices and had functioning system tools that didn't require setting up a relay system and managing a production that rivals a NASA space launch to alter your appearance.

Connie Arida

When only 3 sliders work on a mesh head, I will keep my money. It's like having a mesh body in the old days where u could only change the height, size and thickness.
I will not even get into the lack of layers compared to admittedly primitive sl standard mesh body.

zz bottom

I do believe project bento will finally make the use of mesh heads worth at all times.
I do sadly fear that the no mod policy of the mesh bodies will also be abused and enforced (by mod i mean allow to rezz in world and remove scripts, add or remove layers and so on).
My hope is that more will look at kittles lair and fusion products and realize that a full mod mesh part can really help reducing avatar rendering costs, as Pussycat Catznip an more already blogged about.

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