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Thursday, January 28, 2016


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"Hacked" funds.. how?


There really just ins't enough information for them to make unsubstantiated claims.

It's one thing if they don't want to manage their small community - that makes sense. They should just say so and not follow it up with useless propaganda.

It's click baiting for the virtual world. I should be taking notes..


When you say, "...this is why we can't have nice things." It implies we don't have nice things in SL. But, we do. Lots of nice things.

Since that defeats the point being made, move on to look at what might be the real problem.

There is no doubt griefing can be a problem. My hope is the plan for reducing griefing in Sansar will work and then be implemented in SL.


There was another notice right after this one making note that the older managers had stepped down and that new management was now in place. The sim apparently will be running on donations however still from what I gleamed.

For sim access..
I assume they've probably gone back to a whitelisted system through their [UNDERTALE] group like they did before back in December if the sim is still cut off from access. I checked it and I was able to access it and I'm in that group.

I'm not a regular there and most of what I took was from the group chat so I have no idea of what potentially has gone on since the other day on the sim itself.

zz bottom

Many sims are only for group members access so what is new about that?
Are any sure that those who blog here about second life Do really are active there?


I can confirm that this community was not being hacked it was rather being griefed because of relations between one of the estate managers and an increasingly large group of people that were being mistreated(banned for no reason or just for fun) in the region. the group of people had increased in size and to a point where it begun to included griefers and thats when griefing decided to take place.

for Privacy sake I will not be mentioning any names for the safety of others

Kurtis Anatine

To be honest there was this one admin there who i had a couple of conversations with, and once i didn't agree with them (the discussion was about adults wearing diapers as a fetish thing) i was banned Instantly. All i said was i just didn't feel comfortable around people who do that. And since the sim was not themed around that premise i didn't think that i would see it here. I didn't say anything in context that they should leave or anything that would be offensive. I just wasn't expecting that at an undertale themed sim. I did get in contact with a couple of other people who had been banned and just didn't want to got there anymore (because of other simular events) and their general consensus was just simply move on. They had found other communities that shared the same like of the game. Albeit not on a full sim or anything. But it was at least somewhere they could just talk and goof off and have fun.


I have been to this sim before, to be honest I have seen this coming for ages. None of the staff at this sim are mature enough to handle anything.

The owner wasn't much better.


Adeon Writer

Any time a Second Life sim is themed after anything current, that would attract new people to SL, in flood the trolls and greifers, and sim crashers.

Second Life has a ton of exploits - a ton. If someone wants to DoS a region, they can. And for for a subject like Undertale - which has a lot of fans and a lot of haters... it's just funny to trolls to DoS the sim and keep it down endlessly.

Paying 300 USD for a region that's barely ever online... not fun.


I went to this sim back when it was non group-only.

To be honest it absolutely disgusted me, the build itself was ok, but the behavior of not only the people administrating the sim, but the owner was complete and utter trash.

I saw many people getting banned for no inherently good reason, sometimes even just for the fun and ammusement of the admin or owner, or simply because an admin or the owner did not like them. They seemed to promote and encourage this sort of behavior.

I can't really see why anyone would want to visit or hang out in this sim at all given this behavior by its administration, and its a wonder the sim has even lasted this long.

Overall I am not at all impressed, and the experience has left an incredibly bitter taste in myself. Even if this sim heaven forbid survives and doesnt close down, and gets a new owner and even maybe new staff, I dont think I will ever recommend or even advise anyone to check it out.


I got banned from the sim when I called the owner out on bullying someone in the sim which she at the time seemed to be enjoying.

Guess some people cant take being called out on their shit. Oh well, good riddance to the sim


Reading the comments some people posted in this blog post, I can affirm I have had the same experiences with the sim administration and the owner.

Most of them are incredibly immature, insomuch that I am not sure any of them graduated out of diapers, because they all act like a bunch of spoiled angry toddlers when you call them out on their shit. Left group, not planning to ever look back.

Goat Mom

Goat Mom dissaproves of this sim. No butterscotch pie for anyone.


You know, I have to ask, when you treat your visitors like crap, and you encourage your staff to do the same, I have to ask a question..

Do you wan't to have a Bad Time?

Because it looks like that is exactly what happened here.


* This SIM in second life, it's rude and awful admins. Does not fill you with [DETERMINATION]

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