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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


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Troy McConaghy

I was curious if that image is anywhere else on the net, so I searched for it with TinEye, and it found another copy at http://whotalking.com/flickr/aaron%20copland

Now I'm more confused than ever.


Maybe it's this Google Image search.....

It's not the first result but it stands out on the page.


Boudicca? Easy to explain! There are still many Celts mad at those pesky Romans. Boudicca almost ran them out.

pixeleen mistral

Iggy is right - most of us keep coming back
for Boudicca -- sooner or later the Celts are
going to prevail.

Anonymous from 8chan

Hi. Rather than “why do people search for a classical painting on my website”, you should ask “why does Google display my website when people search for that painting”. I searched for any images of the Delphic Oracle and one your blog posts presents a Second Life re-creation of relevant painting. Maybe Google decided to display your blog to me on the basis of my other search patterns.


Google is constantly changing algorithms, sometimes the results do not have any meaning .. it stays machines

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