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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


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It's good that you are showing that 5,000,000 units shipped doesn't mean that mean regular users.

But you say it has 'Little use'. Compared to what? Your own estimate of 300,000-500,000 regular users would make this the #1 most used VR headset currently. And it's clear that this number is increasing exponentially.

Wagner James Au

> But you say it has 'Little use'. Compared to what?

Smartphones. PCs. Handheld consoles. Consoles. Smartphone games for one had millions of highly active users within weeks of the App Store going live, not years.


I don't think Cardboard is really meant for long-term use, considering both that a) it's cardboard and falls apart pretty quickly and b) you have to hold it up while you're using it, which gets very uncomfortable very quickly. I'm almost surprised there's as much usage as there is because of those two things.

I think it seems more like a teaser for proper VR, and as a teaser I can personally attest to it working amazingly well. I'm not one to throw around superlatives lightly but it was a genuinely amazing experience using mine for the first time. I'm not sure I've ever been awed by a piece of technology in quite the same way. Using it for just a few minutes turned me from a VR skeptic (putting it lightly) to someone who absolutely can't wait for the proper VR systems. Before Cardboard I never understood why people talked about VR the way they do.

Adeon Writer

Am I misunderstanding something? Wasn't Google Cardboard a joke novelty item?


Maybe some homeless San Francisco needs lots of cardboard?



Yeah....cardboard is fantastic for a taste, but it isn't polished or compelling enough for use every day. You try it out, it wows you, but then you are just hungry for more detailed and immersive experiences. It is still just a gimmick really.

Sherry Fisher

Virtual Reality Box (Goggle) is not of little use, VR technology makes watching a new level. And now, adult industry adapting it making their videos watching in a different dimension.


"Am I misunderstanding something? Wasn't Google Cardboard a joke novelty item?"

Yes. You are misunderstanding that Google Cardboard a joke novelty item.


Bir şeyi yanlış mı anlıyorum? Google Cardboard bir şaka yenilik ürünü değil miydi?"

Evet. Google Cardboard'un bir şaka yenilik ürünü olduğu

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