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Monday, February 22, 2016


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Squire Empire

You find my post offensive LOL!

Let me be clear i am not saying linden lab approves of animal abuse only some of its residents are pushing it to be mainstream trying to tack it on the back of GLBT as a shield saying its the same issue of human rights and its not even most gay adults do consider bestiality abhorrent.

If anyone is the victim its linden lab here

RP of animal abuse still makes me sick with half the people i know stating the kids watch them play its saying hey its ok the dog or cat loves being violated in a sexual manner. most sane adults would consider bestiality abhorrent. people involved in promoting sex with animals even in cartoon form. I don't care if perverts wish to justify this as some kind of adult entertainment they feel entitled to be part of. It is what it is, and any reasonable, sane adult knows this.
We're talking about grown adults engaging in fantasy acts typing on a screen where one or more takes on the persona of an animal in sex play, Rape as the helpless unwilling victim, or Child molestation while playing the uncle It's not my thing and should not be as openly tolerated as it has been or promoted as it its normal.

I find animal abuse abhorrent whether or not there's a sexual factor. I seen material about abusing or intentionally harming RL animals while checking those sims out. While there are certainly consent issues in regards to RL individuals that engage in sex acts with animals in real situations,
Most sane adults recognize the need to set different standards for SL crimes and potential for harm than for fantasy interactions. I can see how the lab don't wish it to be on their service either. Rape,Murder,Crime is in every day video games but please point out what other mainstream game title promotes self-cannibalistic bestiality,Rape/Abuse of an Animal,Rape of an underage child,Incest, while the lab is not indirectly promoting its residents are in blogs,marketplace,in-world promotion, while the things are banned enforcement is laughable.
You can go to jail for long periods of time for just admitting to having fannies in your mind of underage sex while a resident of California were linden lab is based out of so why is acting out fantasies of raping and torturing dolphins and seals ok?

My suggestion for a story is time for linden lab to say what they mean and mean what they say. other words update the Terms of Service to Fully outlaw any form of animal crudity in SL.

still missing my friends linden lab unfairly banned over cash-outs not long ago, i guess they just needed a nose in someones rear, while whispering how sweet the flowers smell.

"This has to do in light with the animation peddlers scandal in SL right now those who got banned then unbanned recent while being defended because a friend or two knows a linden. Sad really, linden lab showing once again two classes of residents the pheasants and Favorites"

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