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Monday, February 08, 2016


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Ilsa Hesse



I have to admit, in your survey i voted for Trump. I don't live in the US, but i would love to see how the world would respond to such a disaster....


A big factor might be that if people outside the US voted, then chances are that outside of Clinton, Sanders and Trump the other candidates are more or less completely unknown.
Clinton has her name and reputation, Sanders is a surprise because he is the most understandable for Europeans and Trump is sort of like a forum troll coming to RL ... and media everywhere loves such people and the headlines they generate.

(there might also be complete lack of understanding why anyone would vote for him ... not that Europe would not have its own share of such people in politics ... and fear of the chaos he might cause. Bush Jr. and what he did to international politics is not yet forgotten and Republicans in general are often seen as evil incarnate outside of the US anyway)

Wagner James Au

"I have to admit, in your survey i voted for Trump. I don't live in the US, but i would love to see how the world would respond to such a disaster..."

Some people want to watch the world burn!

tiptoe resident

Trump is needed he is necessary. I voted for Trump in your poll and I intend to vote for him in real life. That he is receiving such negative vitriol online, and even here , tells me he has you lefties scared. That's a good thing.

P.s.the world is already burning, please remove your rose colored glasses.


Trump does give voice to the dispossessed Middle Class, Tiptoe. Which is a bit sad; they need a spokesman better than this evil clown.

I'm not sure, however, that it's just "Lefties" like me who should be scared. I'm actually more scared of Theocrat General Cruz.

Trump's own cronies in the Plutocracy should be scared of him. He's a Populist, and I really think he puts wealth second to power: as he should, power being more delicious than money, any time. He'd love to make heads roll.

A President Trump might make heads roll on Wall Street and in the Lobbyist hells of DC. That would be a silver lining in an otherwise jingoistic and racist cloud that the pumped-up Donald is.

Adeon Writer

I'm pretty sure when you open up US Presidential canidate voting to non-americans, it will usually swing to the left, won't it?

pussycat catnap

So 18 members of the new Nazi party, though one of them is just a foreigner looking to enjoy some chaos.

Trump copies Hitler not only in message, but also in tone, speaking style, and sometimes even hand gestures.

He's really just a reality TV star who figured he could spin his hype machine to some major attention, looked for some easy hook to follow, and copied Adolf. I don't actually believe Trump believes most of what he puts forth... but if you open a pandora's box, you might not be able to contain it... A lesson the GOP themselves know all too well from when the Koch's engineered the Tea Party movement only to have it so horribly spin out of their control.

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