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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Dartagan Shepherd

True. Problem is less the screenshot than the difference between generating real interest and selling hair tonic.

Although this one is not washed out, at least you can see something with light and shadow, material detail, etc.

His tweet was that this is the team having fun building an experience. Well it's not an experience, it's some rocks and a couple buildings (and possibly some avatars?). But ok, experience is their word for anything you do in their 3D environment. Or was it a full blown interactive experience? Who knows? Who cares without the details.

Why was the team doing this besides fun? To get paid for nothing or was there a purpose?

"team having fun experimenting with baked lighting" for instance would tell you what the point was and why we're looking at it and what we might be looking at besides a flat 2D render.

Jeez, just a little bit of effort. This is just weird at this point the way it's being handled. Who are they trying to sell this to?

Shockwave Yareach

And you think it won't look like a mess on lower end computers, just because it's Sansar? I'm pretty sure that computer tasked with this rendering isn't even five months old -- never mind five years old.


"Team having fun creating another #vr experience"
Spot the difference.

Argo Nurmi

Let me say that I am waiting with interest to see what this new VR world will look like. If the graphics are interesting I expect it will hold my interest for about six months, and after that? In second life I have a community. It took me about a year of exploring and test joining groups before I managed to find one that made me want to stay. Griefers? Yes, of course they are around. X-rated sims? Yeah, I know where they are but so what? In the groups I finally chose I am a welcome member, people greet me when I arrive. Over almost a decade of RL time I have celebrated births, helped console their troubles, morned with them the demise of SL friends and close relatives, celebrated with them their triumphs and been there when they needed someone to just listen to their burdens. A religious person might call this the ministry of presence. There are those critics fixated on the low places SL has, I know of these places and what lives there. Like the city in which I live, I have no reason to go there. SL has its high places and those are where I choose to be. So what about Sansar? Will it provide an environment that fosters the kind of SL community I choose? I hope so. Ebb has bet big on Sansar and we SLers can only wish him and the Labs luck and good voyage. For myself, the neat graphics I give six months.

Clara Seller

If my company had and drained the resources that LL has and we've invested over a year into a semi-secret project that has smacked the face of many existing clients and I finally decided to throw some teasers out on social media...

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's only fair that we take that duck at face value.

This is the best they got at this point. Surely it's way beyond thumbnail sketch and rough draft time.


Looks like a set from the 60's Star Trek show.

sirhc deSantis

Its still only a screen shot and for all we know it could be the equivalent of an old fashioned film set - all painted on flats, as it were. Absolutely no hint of anything more complex.

With no further info, this smells to - vapourware again.

And on this 'low end computer' stuff - my soon to be 7 year old box (32 bit, 2 gig, cpu 2.80GHz, Nvidia 610 - and I bet most phones have more 'power' now haha) is quite capable of doing the same ie - a snapshot, inworld, at full ultra graphics with all the wotsits running. And on the SL viewer to boot. With actual 3d rezzed objects you can interact with. And some people too. Well, not too many people I admit :)

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