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Monday, February 29, 2016


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I really liked your article, and I especially like how you're continuing the conversation with Carmack and Luckey. There are many "tough" questions around VR and Virutal Worlds, and the toughest ones have absolutely nothing to do with technology and everything to do with humanity. Thanks asking the tough questions. :)

Wagner James Au

Thanks much, Path!


Your article was a fine read and it asks the right questions. You are not a snake-oil salesman.

Like James Howard Kunstler, I'm a techno-skeptic. So I really scoff at this:

"I am an unabashed technological triumphalist. Technology *IS* the answer."


"The quantity of data, that's all."

Brought to you by the same sorts of minds that gave us "nuclear war-fighting," "better living through chemistry" and "Roundup Ready" crops.

Ridiculous. Most tech is a neutral tool, but some isn't. The *right* technology is a good answer, but not every technology is right.

For me the jury on VR is decidedly still OUT.

pussycat catnap

It just points out how little Mr. Carmack understands both humanity, and the divide between the 1% and the destitute, let alone even the rest of us.

Granted the difference between poverty and the middle class is shrinking in a downward trend - making this failed understanding of humanity even more tragic.

People like Mr Carmack having a hold on the shape of the future will lead us into a nightmare that is so perfect for them, they will be oblivious to the horror they force on others.


the difference between the real and virtual world is that i can read in the newspapers what type of car the owner/creator of a virtual world drives.;)

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