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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


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Did Trump's hair attack your avatar? That ginger-colored creature that lives on his head terrifies me. I think it is sending messages into his brain.

You were born in Hawaii, right? Where's your birth certificate? Show it or it's ban-lines for you, mister.

Wagner James Au

Kenya or Hawaii, I get them mixed up a lot.



Y'all cry at Trump's wall rhetoric. But then are confused when H1-B visa slaves steal your jobs in the tech industry.

Also H1-B visas are not only used in tech. They are used in Education, Medical, Hospitality and MORE. And in the blue collar ranks, Illegal Aliens get the rest. FREE TRADE. Got to love it. Getting a bigger education no longer matters. Because there is always the appropriate slave willing to do it cheaper.

Stay asleep people. Just keep snoring.

Batters Box

Maybe its complete with a turbine windmill to generate undistributable energy to sell to England, you could say its like England paying Scots for two thousand tickets for a SL sim party and you know how that would turn out, maybe RFL and the ACA will host a benefit to erect a lockerbie bomber memorial.maybe theres a new petition by the self promoting Aberdeen old rock chick,venue hustler wannabe writer Suzanne Kelly to ban Trump from his own virtual mansion as long as it makes traffic for them no harm done parliment won't vote on it,they dare not after all the terrorist attacks the world its self keeps proving Trump right.The liberals are probably best keep in a virtual playground in a sandbox where their inept and destructive policys can be cleaned every few hours.

Priscilla Cox

@Batters Box: ??? what the?? That's one heck of a word salad you got going on there!

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