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Thursday, March 03, 2016


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Dartagan Shepherd

Great work and tutorial.

Brookston Holiday


pussycat catnap

In that first screenshot... as someone who used to do a lot of 3D art I will just say that it is BECAUSE that first image only uses 2 light sources that it looks so good.

Really though, the ideal scene uses exactly 3 light sources.

Two from different angles with different colors and strengths aimed at your subject, and a third of varying color and strength as a backlight behind your subject aimed somewhat at it to enhance the contrast outlining it.

Everything about mood and effect then becomes all about what colors, angles, and strength of lighting you go for.

(and if SL gave us better light tools, things like the spread of cones and how sharply they fall off on their edges would also matter a lot, as well as how they fall through atmospheric filters like smoke, fog, rain, and so on.

Connie Arida

A great tutorial and thank you.
Too many times i have seen very promising builds ruined by insensitive lights.It's about time people really stopped using overly bright, overly big and unrealistic point lighting. Projectors are the only way to go.

Brookston Holiday



Thanks -- I have not been clear on how emissive masks are used.

sirhc deSantis

Thanks :) Especially for the tips to cover varying graphics settings.

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