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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


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sirhc deSantis

This from the people pushing 'The Things Kurt Cobain Left Behind'. What, they almost caught up to this decade?

Brookston Holiday



The SL political landscape of 2006/7/8 was way more interesting than it is now ... compared to those years now it is dead with the old groups defunct and silent and those most active in those circles long gone.

That is rather sad, even when considering how silly a lot of the people behaved back then (*coughs* SLLA *coughs*). But at least the FN has been driven out where ever they appeared and tried to set up their new HQ.

Given the many difficult challenges the world sees today and the various opinions and ideas floating around it is rather surprising that we do not see a prominent return of those political debates again ... or maybe it would surprising if not for the fact that the 'no talking politics' attitude has been growing stronger over the past years almost everywhere and many people seem to automatically shy away from any controversial topic or lost their ability to discuss things without insisting on extreme positions.
And coupled with years of one economic crisis leading right into the next made the 'escapism' part of our virtual existence most likely much stronger then it has ever been. And that again leaves the field open for those who will throw out any notion of compromise and discussion out of the window in favor of absolute extremes. But that is sadly something more and more prevalent no matter if on- or offline.

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