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Monday, April 18, 2016


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"That's quite impressive, and yet more reasons to try and get it running on my old ass Alienware.)"

These extra rendering features are not for free an need some hardware power. I'm not sure your Alienware will handle it. On top of this, the latest version of Black Dragon supports only ALM rendering (in the BD viewer it's called Deferred). There is still a box to switch it on or off, but don't use it. It will only create pixel trash.

If your laptop is able to run Black Dragon, then press the F1 key to open the sidebar, search for the Color Correction option and activate it. In my opinion, this is the biggest difference in rendering compared to the ordinary viewers.

NiranV Dean

I made some basic comparison shots

Comparison #1 (Screen Space Reflections & Volumetric Lighting)

Comparison #2 (Better look at Volumetric Lighting)

Comparison #3 (Direct SIM comparison of Blue Galaxy)

Comparison #4 (Every day usage comparison, no SSR, no Volumetric Lighting)

All of them use somewhat stock settings on both Viewers, i used the exact same Windlight settings for both Viewers, same Draw Distance and same basic features (Shadows, Ambient Occlusion etc), i also moved the camera as close to the same position as possible on scenes where i couldn't rez a camera control object.

I want to note here that the biggest daily differences are small, they primarily focus on small scale enhancements which contribute to the overall look of the picture. Some scenes portrait this better than others. Clubs for example do this very badly as shadows and ambient occlusion for example are often hardly visible.

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