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Thursday, April 28, 2016


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bellahyae enchanted (normal account: princesskalika)

i was really excited to learn about this place and couldn't wait to visit on Saturday for there grand opening. it ended up falling on a special day in my family so i asked my sister to go instead of me and we would enjoy seeing her character at the special occasion they were having. she wore a lovely stripped baroque Gown . i only mention this because once she got to the event hall , within 15 mins or less she was told that she was not dressed in "grand attire" and politely told that if she wanted to say, she has to wear one of there outfits. all of this was done in a thinly veiled meanness that surprised me. my sister handled it beautifully, respectfully telling the lady that she did not visit to change, and left. but it's a shame that this kind of behavior is allowed. but i wanted to leave these words here as well as this: it is not fair to mistreat someone like this. anyone wiling to go be warned; they do not want you to visit in anything that will show anyone up. so dress down, say "yes mam" allot and kiss up. as for me, i will be sure to avoid visiting in the future.

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