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Friday, April 29, 2016


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A machinima of a different looking airship in Second Life, music choice is interesting too.


Carlos Loff

The Virtual Lisbon Project

Virtual Lisbon (VL) is an accurate replica of RL Portugal's capital - Lisboa - a work in progress to spawn during several months until completion, offering as many Opensim features as any big RL city can, regarding: community, education, business, culture and entertainment

VL is based on an independent grid hosted by Avilabs and called - Loff Virtual Worlds (http://login.loffvirtualworlds.com:8002/wifi) - but is focused on facilitating it's full use by any Hypergrid visitors, with no need to register, offering easy access features as: no currency for zero value land and object transactions, special use perms of land and objects only by group member roles and automated features for easy self-service activities

At the present time Virtual Lisbon land mass is all there to visit but the main city areas and structures are still on early stage construction, offering only 2 completed VARs with very specific functions:
1 - Lisbon Utopia (login.loffvirtualworlds.com:8002:Lisbon Utopia) - an huge 4X4 VAR utopic and futuristic recreation of an actual suburban and marginal part of Lisbon that uses elements inspired on the actual city but offers innovative uses of Opensim materials and scripts, showcasing what can be built and done and on the ideal city with the ideal community - 8 central themed buildings where anyone can use free luxury hotel suites or setup free small offices to represent their own virtual world, company or project, 2 huge areas with big themed clubs and a mega theatre/auditorium where you can manage venues and perform all sorts of events, including prims rezz and parcels control, 2 huge areas where you can offer or get recent quality freebies and showcase your products and work of arts and finally some great small islands with free furnished bungalows and private docks and coral lagoons
2 - Lisbon Sandbox (login.loffvirtualworlds.com:8002:Lisbon Sandbox) - an huge continuous 4X4 sandbox, organized for all needs like rezzing, building & vehicles testing allowing up to 40K prims with a 24h return period, featuring wide ground flat areas, huge continuous wide oceans, long continuous wide roads, building grids with metrics and telepad fast moving system


- What will make Virtual Lisbon development so special and unique are core elements such as: structural size and scale replication, accurate landscape, building and texture details, functionality of any object's specific features or building's sections, resource quantity allied to diversity and finally, a thriving pro-active community

Virtual Lisbon (VL) spawns over 256 standard regions, all laid side by side, for structural city continuity, all organized in a cluster of 16 VARs of 4X4each to assure more avatar load and better overall server performance at different land portions, relying on the latest Avilabs fine code, with almost no noticeable effects on Sim crossing for Avatars and even many vehicles, all running on dedicated servers using Ubode engine, witch is quite similar to Second Life and therefore also facilitating future migrants from SL
VL main goal is development by synergy, offering as many resources as possible, in quantity and quality, always 100% free and supporting all sorts of private projects giving them great autonomy to allow for a faster, steadier and pro-active community, attracting life and diversity from all over the Metaverse


The project sustainability will be assured by two main factors: Avilabs servers host discount in exchange for company promotion plus city resources and also an Inworld Paypal donations network, either by private satisfied free users or project sponsoring companies


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