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Thursday, April 07, 2016


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Shockwave Yareach

One - the actor doesn't want to play the role anymore. So he got written out in a suitable fashion that pushes the story along. It reveals Kylo to be capable of any atrocity, since he did what he did. This he is now more badass than even Vader.

Wagner James Au

THIS is what a "suitable fashion" really looks like:



Hmm. I remember the cheesy, overdone award scene at the end of A New Hope, and shudder at the thought of seeing a cheesy, overdone funeral scene in The Force Awakens like the referenced one from Star Trek.

Vader gets a kind of funeral scene in Return of the Jedi that's decently done, but the scene is really about Luke. I suppose you could have Leia do some sort of similar, private ritual. She wouldn't have a body to burn, like Luke had, but she could improvise something. But Leia gets little focus in the new movie...


Sometimes a character needs to go for the sake of deepening the story. You know, "Murder your darlings" and all that.

Solo, unlike Spock or Kirk, had not gotten so long in the tooth that he needed to die. And I say that as a TOS Trek, not Star Wars, geek. Kirk's death in ST Generations came as the anticlimax in a pretty awful film, and Spock's "death"and funeral in the much stronger Khan was melodrama. At the time, we all speculated that Nimoy was tired of Spock. He'd written that book after all, the one he later recanted. We figured he'd made is money and walked.

We who loved Han's character were shocked, but most of the Star Wars geeks I know, an admittedly small sample of SW geekdom globally, like how it helps set the path for Kylo Ren. Now that character can blossom into the badass he should be, not a petulant tantrum-throwing baby.

CronoCloud Creeggan

He's not Kylo Ren, he's Ben Organa-Solo. He may have changed his name, like his grandfather did at one time, but he's the same person. Maybe he's lost to the dark side forever, but maybe even when all hope fails and he kills his father...there's a chance he could be redeemed like his grandfather Anakin.

And who should try that? His teacher, Luke Skywalker...Jedi Master.

Adeon Writer

Ha. Somehow I managed to avoid knowing Han Solo dies until now. No fault of your own of course, I put off watching Ep 7 for far outside what was reasonable.


Actually, when I saw how Han Solo was killed so unceremoniously, my first thought was that someone from The Walking Dead must have written it.

Orca Flotta-Solo

I was shocked how stoic the audience in cinemas accepted Han's death, both times I watched it. Those heartless bastards. :) Then I did some soul research and found out Han's death left me stone cold as well.

I blame Disney and JJ Abrams for it. Han Solo had to be disposed, same as the introduction of Rey and Finn had to be told. So director wunderkind JJ did it quickly and without much attention to detail or any effort. You could see in every scene that "This ain't the movie I really wanna make!" So let's get this shit over with and then start new adventures without all the ballast.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Captain Jacqueline Sparrow

@ Adeon Writer: Now it's the right time to watch it, as a good quality (no cam) version has just become available on a certain bay on the dark side of teh interwebz.


Bixyl Shuftan

I have yet to see the movie, though the more I've been hearing, the more it might be better to just re-read the "Thrawn Trilogy" instead - https://foodonthetablesite.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/the-best-star-wars-story-that-will-never-make-the-movies/

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