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Friday, April 29, 2016


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They keep focusing on platform and experience. This to me means they may very well be much more of a host than a virtual world.

I find this all fascinating, it looks like they are going after a piece of the VR experiences market and will try to attract freelancers to learn and use Sansar. Since so many of things are made, even though they don't use them you do see early adopters at least trying some and that may be helping with SEO and buzz on twitter (and the news) to make their company seem relevant and modern. Sometimes that is all you can get is attention, and brands love attention. The controversy will also mean more VR fans will become lifers, always looking for VR to become what it promises to be. Sort of like a religion, they watch for the end of screen and the beginning of the new visual.


I think Sansar going to be some kind of Unity clone. Servers an dev programs. Me think Second lfe will be around for a long time.

metacam oh

Debating whether to or not. Dont really like the idea of the Lab picking and choosing which projects are worthy. More favoritism. They need to stay out of that process not get more involved.


I applied telling LL that I'd be happy to create great content for them and be willing to give up my rights to said content all for no money.

I told them, of course, that I'm an idiot too.

zz bottom

Lol joe.

zorro amat

well, what really will be the Sansar project? Some can say that know, if the actual CEO don't? I was in the SL indoor interview and didn't understood nothing. Some does? tell me pls.

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