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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


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Dartagan Shepherd

Couldn't find the option for None. Seriously though, I've done my time with unpaid beta programs for them with the Viewer 2 and Marketplace beta's.

Meanwhile, we work on democratized VR without needing large engineering teams in existing and mature game engines.

Will test drive when it's open beta and doesn't require a 2 year NDA.


Nice hot takes so far!

Need porn category among the dozen plus listed even though this blog will just be callin' the whole thing a game years to come!

Not signin' a 2 year NDA that's mentioned no where for something that'll be generally available the end of this year!

If I may be bold myself, I signed up and am excited to create in it.

Carlos Loff

They are killing the whole spirit of Virtual Worlds - Bring on the elites, let the good ones build it and rule for the week ones to flock and pay, barhghggggg - To be honest . I WONT EVEN TRY THIS SHITTY PROJECT

sirhc deSantis

Curious, as did not see any NDA mentioned for this phase either, although not seen any set in stone dates either so perhaps not surprising.

Interesting to see a number of asset building tools (blender! unity even!) but coding sort of lumped together (mind you its not too much of a stretch between the 3 mentioned even if its the first seen referring java).

Oh, quick question for Dart - which 'democratized VR' would this be? Wondering if I had missed one :)


How can i sign up for something i do not even know what it is? The secrecy starts to get stupid.

Dartagan Shepherd

@sirhc deSantis: Sorry, that's what I get for being a little snarky. I don't know that there's an NDA for this phase. I only know from the previous beta's that I've been involved in that a 2 year NDA seems to be standard for LL if it isn't a public beta and so probably applies to this one too.

The "democratized VR" and without a "large engineering team" I took from the second link Hamlet posted in the article which is a page on LL's site about Sansar where LL claims to be breaking new ground on the kind of thing game engines already do, which is to democratize game development and eliminate the need for large engineering teams.

Imagin Illyar

I'm excited for Sansar. It's good to see that they are on schedule opening this application so soon. I wasn't expecting it until June.

metacam oh

Ill pass

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