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Tuesday, April 05, 2016


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pussycat catnap

Supporting Trump is basically an issue of white privilege.

His campaign is basically two points:

The system sucks and he will make the brown people pay for the sins of the 1%.
Make America Hate Again. Bring a world where whites once again can bash in anyone else with impunity, and empower the whites that actually want to.

- I'm not white, so I cannot support him without that being an action in direct threat to my interests and the safety of people like me.

Oh and:
- There are many people in SL who are NOT Trump supporters.


This simply cannot get enough press. Anime? Trump? Where are the tentacle monsters?

As for the quip by the GOP adviser? While I detest Trump, he represents a group of people who have been disenfranchised by a changed economy. I wish they had a better person to represent their anxiety without man-handling reporters and punching out protesters.

That adviser's remark shows how little the Old Gun-Toting White Person's Party in the US fails to understand Trump and his danger to not only them, but to the entire Republic.


I love Donald Trump and I will be voting for him, just so I can watch heads explode, like those that belong to Pussycat and Iggy.

People like you have had a handle on this country for too long a time and that time is over, and now you beclown yourselves with the spreading of false information and defamation. You are done, the Silent Majority is awake now and we will be voting Trump into office. Get out of the way, you're over!


Funny how I can say something fairly positive about the people Trump claims to represent, if not the man and his inner circle, and still get flamed by a true believer.

November will be fun, just to see their hopes dashed. See you at the polls, MAGA. Better bring your friends. I'm sure bringing everyone I know who has a mind and loves this country.

JP Laszlo

I'm not childless but nice try man. Here have a picture of my 4 year old boy Sean in a Trump hat: http://puu.sh/o99SA/76ca1276cb.jpg I suspect you are the childless one...you are an aging hack trying to stay relevant in a world that is moving faster than he can keep up by writing butt hurt articles about topics which you do not comprehend. Without even bothering to contact people for comment because you fear actually having to engage the people you talk shit about because your views would literally crumble in a direct debate and it doesn't suit the narrative you wish to weave to actually interview people because it would expose you for the intellectual lightweight and sad populist leftist you really are.


JP Laszlo

http://puu.sh/o9aM4/386d3dfa62.jpg There is the correct link for the picture.


Batters Box

I laughed at President Obamas embrace of the science of climate change and the COP 21 agreements. Let's just say if climate change was was LAG how the hell do you say you agree with the science of it and then place freebies,free sex and welcome griefers(although there I guess are some good ones) and encourage younger higher avatar creators with multiple accounts all on the same sim!

Bixyl Shuftan

As I recall Hamlet, the anime look fits you quite well. ;-)


I'll have something about the Sanders sim up soon. As far as I know, no accusations about their marital status or what they do in the bedroom.

Bixyl Shuftan

Correction, Sanders HQ.

Eran Gustafson

So this is what Hamlet views as journalism. Interesting.

FWIW, the avatar pictured is not anime. A human avatar wearing a sailor style top does not anime make. Five seconds on Google would have educated you on that. And how hard exactly was it to pull a quote from a Trump hater? I'm sure you could find a funny quote from someone that disliked Hillary or Bernie in that same 5 seconds. That is, unless your goal was to throw mud at people with whom you disagree.

*slow clap*

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