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Friday, May 13, 2016


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A guide to the minimum PC requirements to run head sets/Body movement controllers in Project Sansar, what should be at least the minimum for use in SL/OS also,
people really are going to need to upgrade to Windows 10.a graphics card no less powerful then a gtx-970 will also be needed.

Pussycat Catnap

There seems to be a lot of things going on SL that are breathing a somewhat 'soft' second wind into this second life.

Lots of attention to new user aspects, seeing some good communities pop up, and even seeing retention numbers appears to be steadying a bit.

It might be nice to see some thoughts on how well or not SL is doing at this age of the platform, and how well it might stand up in future.

It looks like this will remain one of the only sandbox-MMOs for some more years to come, as the VRs are apparently choosing to NOT enter that space, and the biggest challenger, Everquest Next, was cancelled (was Landmark also cancelled - that was a direct competitor to SL, whereas Next was tangential like Minecraft is).

So is that a space for SL to have future life - if it can recognized for the great 'social sandbox gaming platform' that it is?

I'd like to see some articles on 'SL's potential future - how it could go right, how it could go wrong'.

Adeon Writer



Opensim, Open source, Indie developers.

Issa Heckroth

@Pussycat - Landmark is still due to be released. Its in closed beta atm.

I give a second vote for some opensim stuff!

And also as you have established your skepticism for this new generation of VR, how about more reporting of the good things going on in SL? Like the Fantasy Faire last month for example. Not that you ever go inworld anymore to find out :P

Carlos Loff

Opensim - It is growing, it is not amateur anymore, it has many many many advantages over SL and is here to stay and grow - OPENSIM


I like your blog or I'd not been around for so long. Keep it up.

Keep politics out (or neutral) and the gamergate thing which I've not seen anything on lately, which is a good thing as it was a big divider amongst readers.

What I think would be interesting to read would be art, music and performances in SL. There is a lot of that happening, perhaps a interview series?

We absolutely rely on your take on press releases from LL and different interviews by key LL people.


Kitely, the OpenSim(psons!?..ok, not really) stuff is also maybe interesting but maybe technology focus. What do they have that SL doesn't, and I mean it too. They really do have some features like megaregions, linked prim sets that animate and who knows what technology they have.

It is almost like the Foundation in Asimov's writings, they are making new tech instead of an Empire controlled by one planet. Of course there are differences, but still it is often forgotten by people who read about OpenSim years ago.

OH, someone mentioned GPU stuff? Answered by Mr. Ebbe Linden in the latest Lab Chat. He said Oculus rift specs are not what a regular desktop user would most likely have to have to run Sansar. He said something that runs SL well right now may very well work with Sansar, not and exact qoute. He also added that they don't have all the min. specs, OS minimum and other details figured out as they are still working and it should get faster as they improve the code and get things finalized. Lab Chat 3 was in 3 parts on youtube, it takes some time to listen to but maybe a quick scan of the transcript (even use the browsers text search if you wish) should yield the exact things he said.

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